10 Best Cake Ideas for Kids Birthdays

A birthday is a special occasion to celebrate the day a loved one came to earth. And on such a special occasion, gift-giving is the tradition to express love and happiness to loved ones. It can be a challenge to find the ideal kid’s birthday cakes with a wide selection of cakes and gifts for all occasions. Online bakery stores provide a seamless way to buy, customise, and arrange home cake delivery. In this post, we share ten best cake ideas for kids’ birthdays. Read on.

Jungle themed cake

Make the best birthday impressions on your nature-loving little ones with a striking jungle themed cake. Jungle themed cakes have a natural sensation with the animals and vibrant jungle colours. Other than customising the size, you can make the cake unique by incorporating it with the kids’ favourite animals and flavours. Decorating jungle themed cakes can be challenging, if you are not up for the challenge, simply order one online!

Number & alphabet cakes

The statement ‘how old is the birthday girl/boy’ never gets old on birthdays. Number and alphabet cakes are self-explanatory. Since cakes are the centrepiece of all occasions, decorating the birthday cake with a number and initials is quite pleasing. There are many cake designs to incorporate to number and alphabet cakes like chocolates, fruits, cupcakes, and multi-coloured sprinkles, among others. You can also customise the cake’s size and flavours to accommodate everyone.

Photo cakes

Make your little one’s womb escape celebrations a gem with a bubbling birthday photo cake! There is a wide variety of photo cakes at FlowerAura, which you can take your pick. Decorating a cake with a photo cake come in square, round, 

Chocolate cakes

Chocolate cakes are some of the most irresistible delicacies. A good mood booster and healthy delicacy, who would say no to a salivating cake gesture? Make the birthday celebrations a gem for your little sweet tooth people. There is a variety of chocolate flavours and decorating ideas from which to choose. Some of the most popular chocolate cakes are Kit Kat cakes. Check out trending chocolate designs and more online.

Designer cakes

Have an aspiring fashion-loving little one in mind? Surprise and inspire your little fashion followers on womb escape days with a dazzling designer birthday cake. There are many designer cake ideas fashion lovers admire like imitating handbags, shoes, gym equipment and makeup items. Since you know what the fashion-conscious little one adores  like a makeup, handbag 

Cartoon cakes

Are you looking for a soul-stirring cake for your little cartoon fan? Cartoon cakes are the perfect pick, since they resonate to their interests. Some of the most popular cartoon cakes are Peppa Pig, Ben 10, Chota Bheem Theme cake, Tom & Jerry, and Angry birds, to name a few. And you can also maximise with the favourite flavours and designs.

Pinata cakes

The cake cutting and feeding moments on kids’ birthdays are equally important as the blindfolded pinata crushing fun. Leave your little ones ecstatic with a pinata cake that has their favourite treats. There is a wide variety of pinata cake designs like Panda, Spiderman, Minion, heart-shaped, chocolate, and hidden cakes. Hidden cakes from the outside look like normal cakes until the birthday girl or boy cuts it open. If you are throwing a large gathering, then a pinata cake on top of a hidden cake will surely go a long way.

Rainbow themed cakes

Bright and multi-coloured decorations kindle an environment with peace and tranquillity. Make lasting impressions to the little ones with a lip-smacking and well-decorated rainbow cake that resembles the good times. There is something for everyone, with a wide variety of rainbow theme ideas from layering to decorating the cake with different colours. You can customise the cake’s shape, flavour, type, and more with the kid’s favourite colours and decorations.

Half cakes

Having twins or more kids sharing the birthday? And why compromise the cake’s size, if you are looking to buy a cake for a small gathering? Half cakes are the perfect cakes to express love and happiness to the birthday kids. With half cakes, you can surprise your little one with a half cake paired with stunning decorations. Or you can simply partition the half cakes with different flavours.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the best birthday cakes to surprise your little ones! So, leave nothing to the imagination with bakery stores offering online cake delivery in Delhi. Search for a reputable store offering a plethora of cakes for all occasions and customisations. Check and compare products and customisation offers to help you find the most convenient store.