10 Great Reasons To Move To Rockwall, Texas

So, when are you planning to switch homes and get a different residence? Statistics indicate that average homeowners spend 13 years living somewhere and change homes 11+ times in their lifetimes. If you are confused about your next home, consider moving to a southern metropolis or – even better – one of the many quaint little Texan towns everyone seems crazy about today. So, fiscal notes from 2010-2016 show that Texas led all American states in domestic migration during that period. It had 800,000+ new residents in that timeframe. Elon Musk, the world’s wealthiest individual, is one of the most recent “immigrants” to this beautiful state. And Rockwall seems like the ideal choice for you now!

Why should you consider moving to Rockwell TV?

What’s so great about this Texan city that makes everyone willing to migrate to it? As per 2020 statistics, it’s estimated that Rockwall, TX, rules as the 77th largest city in the state and 902nd largest city in the USA, attracting upper-middle-class homeowners from all over the country. With over 49,000 people, Rockwall grows at a rate of 2.02% annually. It serves as the county seat of Rockwall right now. It gets its name from a geological formation that looks like an artificial wall. Remember that we haven’t mentioned the disadvantages of moving to Rockwall here because the advantages outshine any demerits you can think of! So, here are some amazing reasons why you must consider moving there:

  1. Distance from Dallas:

What’s the commute like for the people of Rockwall? You need to drive 25 miles to reach downtown Dallas. So, the commute won’t be a problem for you when moving to this town. Don’t forget to rent a self-storage unit in the city. Try the well-known BTA storage in Rockwall TX, for putting your clutter when migrating to this place. You can change these units based on the required size and even get an excellent climate-controlled one. Renting these units can make moving easier for your family.

  1. Interesting historical background:

Rockwall doesn’t lack history, as it was founded in the 19th century. Initially – back in the 1840s – this town was called Mercer’s Colony. Then came three men named Wade, Boydstun, and Stevenson. In 1854, this trio christened the town “Rockwall” because of their discovered geological formation. So, if you love history, Rockwall, TX, seems like the ideal place for your next home. It’s an incredible chance to become a part of the southern legacy of diligence, discovery, and skill.

  1. Lake Ray Hubbard:

This freshwater reservoir separates Dallas from Rockwall, allowing residents to adopt a “lake life” after moving there. Formerly called Forney Lake, the bank serves as the focal point of many fair festivals. You can try boating, cruising, or hanging out there with a beer and a bunch of local pals. Try cruising on Fridays and Saturdays to enjoy a picnic on board the Seawolf to entertain yourself and your family. It can be a nice southern lifestyle for you and your beloved.

  1. Community with diversity:

Diversity makes your neighborhood friendlier, more tolerant, and more exciting. Gladly, the town of Rockwall welcomes people from all ethnicities and religions. We have taken the liberty of discussing some statistics from the website Dwellics here. Here’s how we depict the residents’ affiliations:

  • Over one-third of the residents are single, while others are married.
  • Most residents in the city are 25-64 years old (over 50% combined).
  • Most people work in the education, healthcare, and social services sectors.
  • Most residents are Protestants, but Catholics comprise 12.3% of the population.
  • Whites comprise 81% of the population, but Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics exist.
  1. Many great schools:

What’s your kids’ future going to be in Rockwall? You should check out different Rockwall schools to determine the academic future of your children. While living in this town, your kids can attend many Rockwall ISD schools. Maybe, you decide to homeschool your children. It’s because Rockwall gives a resident high-quality internet connections. So, distance learning isn’t difficult for Rockwall people. A person should focus on giving kids the education needed to build a stronger careers.

  1. Many single-family homes:

If you like living in a neighborhood with one-unit detached households, i.e., single-family homes, you should start considering Rockwall. It’s estimated that almost 80% of the houses in this town are one-unit homes. Also, a recent census shows that 2.78 occupants, on average, reside in these houses. You can notice that an average Rockwall household earns $100,000+, and the city’s current poverty rate’s less than 4% today. These facts make it ideal if you wish to live in a well-educated environment.

  1. Higher safety standards:

Rockwall has become a hub of educated individuals, and crimes are unheard of, generally speaking. Experts from Dwellics have rated Rockwall’s safety standards 79.5 out of 100, calling the city crime rates moderate. Since you can’t smoke inside restaurants, cancer rates have dropped drastically. Also, since weed is prohibited, substance abuse doesn’t seem like an issue here. Earthquakes and hurricanes have been deemed unlikely though severe storms are possible.

  1. Places to visit:

It’s estimated that Rockwall country’s population has grown 28.71% since 2010. It’s probably due to the different attractions visitors fall in love with here while journeying. Combined with the greatness of a southern lifestyle, the Texan hue seems deeper when residents visit the following locations:

  • Blasé Family Farm
  • San Martino Vineyards
  • ●        Rockwall Escape Rooms
  • Hemisphere Brewing Company
  • Rockwall Country Historical Foundation Museum
  1. The famous brewery:

Many residents find the well-known Hemisphere Brewing Company tasteful enough to make an individual live forever in Rockwall, TX. You can find different sorts of alcoholic beverages in Rockwall. It’s like folks planning a trip to Pigeon Forge to drink its famous moonshine. The Texan spirit of brewing isn’t weak, either! From Porter and Kolsch to Stout and Grisette – residents can enjoy wide varieties in this little city.

  1. Lots of greenery:

Rockwall residents proudly state that their town’s filled with greenery and offers people several adventurous opportunities. Explore those biking trails on Squabble Creek Mountain and enjoy golf in Harry Myers Park. For around 85 days/year, the temperature in Rockwall, TX, stays below 50F°, and its days are 10-14 hours long (ranging from the shortest to the longest). You can have peace in this city and serenity in your lifestyle. Find nirvana after moving to the picturesque Texan town Rockwall.


Let’s repeat why you should consider switching to Rockwall, TX, in 2022. It’s not distant from Dallas, has several attractions for visiting, and possesses an interesting historical background. Moreover, its higher safety standards and the presence of diversity can make Rockwall ideal for residents. You can check out its top-notch academic institutes, single-family homes, and the great Lake Ray Hubbard. Try its scenic gardens, where you can spend quality time with your family. Due to the great air and water quality, don’t forget its residents’ health. The town’s safe from earthquakes and hurricanes, so you don’t need to worry about these problems. Make Rockwall your home for the next dozen years!