10 Real Estate Video Ideas To Help You Grow Your Real Estate Business

Digitization has grown to be beneficial for many industries, and real estate is one of them. According to the Australian Real Estate Group, real estate listings with a video receive more inquiries by 403%. Apart from the marketing point of view, videos are a great way to build trust among homebuyers about a property or the agent. Overall, it becomes important to learn video editing and marketing to enhance the views on the listings. In this article, we will discuss how realtors can make use of video marketing to showcase their listing to the target home buyers:

1. Real Estate Listing Video

The listing videos are usually a few high-quality images in a slideshow, commonly used for real estate listings for a while now. However, homebuyers today would like to see more about the listing — like the neighborhood, amenities, the community, and more. According to Retail Touchpoints, Step2 Company found that people who have seen videos were 174% more likely to become prospective buyers than viewers who did not. It is suggested that realtors leverage the usage of videos in their listings.

2. Voiceover Property Listings

These videos are becoming more popular in recent times. While some real estate companies use drones for a location tour, videos with voiceovers provide more details on those areas. Unlike drone work, the voiceover listings can showcase and describe the interiors and exteriors of the house, apart from the local sights. 

3. Videos on Neighborhood 

Realtors tend to overlook the idea of covering the neighborhood and are more focused on the houses’ interiors’. 86% of homebuyers use video to learn more about a particular community. Aside from the property’s features, people are equally interested in knowing about the neighborhood, making it a critical selling point. These videos cover the amenities present in the neighborhood, community events, and important areas like schools, hospitals, transportations, entertainment, etc. 

4. ‘Just Sold’ Videos

While real estate professionals focus primarily on property listings and available property, it is recommended that they showcase properties that have been successfully sold. Showcasing a successful sale is an important part of the process. ‘Just sold’ videos can help customers get an insight into how the realtor will be able to help them with their preferences and set the right expectations. With more sales being shown, customers’ trust in the realtor will also increase.  51% of buyers found their dream home on the internet, so a ‘just sold video’ would be helpful in the decision-making process.

5. Community Event Videos

Videos on community events can help realtors showcase the environment for homeowners who value community participation. Event recaps can be created and shared on social media. Organizations involved in these events should be tagged. Tools like InVideo can help gather important event moments and help realtors make it a shareable video.

6. Local Business Highlight Video

Similar to videos on community events, local businesses can also be highlighted when the focus is on a house, an apartment complex, or a commercial space. This concept also expands the customer base for the realtor. Small businesses will also benefit from this video with their exposure.

7. Shareable Mini-Videos

Shareable videos are becoming a trend, and as a part of real estate online marketing, realtors should start sharing content as mini-videos. These creative videos resonate with many audiences and future home buyers. The content of these mini-videos can be about the locations, listings, real estate trends, and other information. For mini videos, it is advisable to use professional editing tools like InVideo.

8. ‘About Me’ videos

It is possible to provide a clear picture of the realtor’s experience through videos. With videos detailing their expertise and knowledge, customers will understand what to expect from the chosen realtor. This method is particularly beneficial for individual realtors who are still building a brand name. These videos can also become a platform for the realtor to detail the areas they will be dealing. For instance, the realtor can state that they deal with commercial space sales only, or do both, help homebuyers purchase or rent residential homes. 

9. Client Testimonial Videos

Most real estate professionals think receiving client reviews online is sufficient and do not necessarily focus on creating a profile. Client testimonial videos are the best way to show a positive track record and develop credibility. Customers like to know more about the experience that a realtor can provide. Homebuyers expect realtors to be transparent and patient in helping them get the house per their preferences and within their budget, rather than insisting on purchasing an immediately available property. A client testimonial video can testify to the kind of experience the clients can expect with a realtor.

10. More Clarity on Real Estate

Purchasing a house is a significant investment, and home buyers would like to communicate with brands or realtors knowledgeable about the industry. Client testimonial videos or shareable mini-videos can help home buyers gain confidence in the process and trust the realtor. Videos can be a great way to communicate with consumers and build reliance.


People prefer videos to long texts. Creative visual representation of content retains viewers on the page for longer. If the content is in the form of infographics and videos, it helps homebuyers get an insight into the realtor and/or the location with minimal effort. People today are interested in learning more about a plot or house, the neighborhood, and communities before they place an offer. Real estate videos can help find the right buyers for realtors, as they will help them market listings better. Overall, one should make the right choice when deciding on video editing and marketing tools. Finally, the videos should be relevant and also relatable. Even viewers who do not plan to buy a house should be able to share it as an informational video. It would be great to connect with viewers on an emotional level. 

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