10 Reasons to Go to Kerala this Monsoon

The months of October through March are the ideal time to visit Kerala. People looking for an entirely different experience on the road must visit Kerala in the monsoon season. Monsoon being off-season for Kerala tourism might not be the best time for family getaways. If you’re green-minded and are an attraction to adventures and romance, the Monsoon is the ideal time to travel to Kerala. 

Kerala is one of the few Indian states that experience Monsoon on two occasions throughout the year. The Monsoon is a pleasant time in Kerala is more enjoyable, charming, and melodic than the other states in India. It does not have recurring rain for days, and some hours of rain are followed by warm sunshine, and the air is nice. Tourists plan Kerala trip because it is  one of the top monsoon destinations to enjoy cheap holidays in India, Kerala offers its advantages to make you want to go on monsoon-related travel. Indian Eagle lists the possible reasons to travel to Kerala during this Monsoon.

Monsoon Adds to the Green Beauty of Kerala

Kerala can be blessed with endless greenery throughout South India. All of it that is there, from Kerala waterways to the wildlife, has an entirely different appeal with various shades of green in monsoons. The green nature of sightseeing during Monsoon brings the pleasure of nature Ayurveda for the mind and the soul.

Kerala Offers Refreshing Monsoon Flavor

You may have tried the coffee and tea of Kerala during other times throughout the year; however, the monsoon flavour is uncommonly fresh and fresh. The fresh produce from the tea estates and coffee plantations in the hills in Kerala, India, offers a rejuvenating taste during the rains.

Visit Kerala Waterfalls to Enjoy Monsoon Glory

Explore the cascading waterfalls of Kerala and be amazed by the beauty of nature in all its beauty in monsoons. The monsoon splendor of these natural wonders with your eyes or through a camera lens is among the many reasons to visit Kerala during the Monsoon.

Spend Romantic Moments on Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters are among the most popular destinations for tourists during monsoon time. Stay in the traditional Kerala houseboat in the backwaters off Alleppey amid lush greenery on the shores. Enjoy your time enjoying the traditional cuisine from Kerala and enjoy the breathtaking views that you can’t see from outside. Is it not the most compelling reason to visit Kerala in the monsoon season?

Visit Kerala Hill Stations for Monsoon Romance

Do not miss the symphony of Monsoon that is a part of the hilly terrain of Kerala. Many of the hill stations located in Kerala, India, including Munnar and Mattupetty, are located at over 1700 feet. Mattupetty is situated at 1300 meters located in the Idduki Hills has a few tourist attractions, including a stunning lake. The trek to the hills soaked by rain is superior to staying indoors. However, it can be risky for those not experienced in the Monsoon. Therefore hiring an experienced local guide is highly recommended.

Find Solitude on Rain-soaked Kerala Beaches

Kerala beaches draw visitors with their beautiful and tranquil beauty, making monsoon travel to Kerala fantastic travel experiences. Although the ocean surface is swelled, the waves grow wild, and the shores echo the rain’s roar; walking along the shores of Kerala in a secure away from beaches is a wonderful way to relax once it stops raining.

View Cultural Best of Kerala during Onam Festival

As one of the festivals in Kerala, Onam Festival is celebrated at the end of Monsoon, usually in August or in the middle of September. Onam One among the many monsoon harvest celebrations in India is observed in those belonging to Kerala’s “Malay” community. It is a celebration of culture that lasts for around ten days. The festival includes folk dances, such as Thiruvathira Kali and Vallamkali, the famous snake boat race that takes place on the Pampa River. Onam Sadya A grand meal and Kathakali, which is the most adored dance form, are part of Kerala’s Onam celebrations.

Get Ayurveda Treatment in Fresh Atmosphere

The holistic Ayurvedic treatment is another reason Monsoon is a great time to travel to Kerala, India. If the Himalayan region of North India is home to meditation and yoga retreats, Kerala is the haven of Ayurveda, the oldest type of herbal treatment. The cool, humid, and refreshing atmosphere of Monsoon is ideal to receive Ayurvedic treatments. Numerous hotels and resorts in Kerala provide Ayurvedic massages and diets at a discount.

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Stay close to nature in the Tree House during Monsoon.

Visit Kerala to experience a tree house to stay in during the Monsoon. Many resorts in Wayanad, Kerala, offer to stay in tree houses within the rainforest. Imagine how refreshing it is to sit amid nature. Listening to the chirping of birds, inhaling the fresh air and watching drops of rainfall from the trees, and soaking up the greenery, and sipping an iced cup of coffee or tea. You can surely find cheap hotel rates from Treehouse lodges located in Kerala during the Monsoon.