10 Valentine’s day video ideas

Even though they say that you never need a special day or occasion to express your love for someone, Valentine’s Day still holds a very special meaning for a lot of us.

Today in the modern age, we are at a juncture where this day is not just for two people in love who have found their soul mates. Valentine’s is celebrated as a day of all kinds of love – the unconditional love a mother has for her children, two siblings have for each other, or that’s between 2 BFFs. Today love has taken the form of many different facets, and they are all very special and unique.

Just like the various kinds of love celebrated on Valentine’s Day, there are various ways in which people express their love as well. For some, it might be buying flowers and chocolates or special gifts for the one they love. For some, it might just be a way to tap into their creative side and make something extremely special.

Making heartfelt videos that you can share on chat groups or social media platforms is quite the trend these days, and needless to say, quite popular also.

So on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, let us have a look at 10 video ideas that can truly melt your loved ones’ hearts:

1. Just say you love them!

Sometimes all it takes is a simple “I LOVE YOU” to win their hearts over! A cute compilation of your favourite images and video snippets from your best vacations, birthday celebrations, Christmas get-togethers, and a good-old I love you text in the end is enough to touch their hearts.

Maybe sometimes it gets difficult to tell them upfront. But putting in some effort and making a cute video just does the trick. You can even tweak around with cute templates, colours, and fonts to make it more unique.

2. Take them on a journey of love

Sometimes, just making your loved ones recall all the good times you have spent together is enough to make them feel special and loved. Be it your high-school sweetheart or your college BFF, or your mother, who is your biggest confidante, making a video that traces your beautiful journey of love, togetherness, and companionship is sure to bring a big smile to their faces!

3. Time to thank your parents

As mentioned earlier, Valentine’s is about love in all forms! Surprise your parents with a beautiful video that has all the compiled memories of your childhood to your college life to finally when you started working.

Express your gratitude with a beautifully made video with a nice song and cute text that shows how much you love your parents and how you remember all the beautiful milestones you have shared with them.

4. Your children deserve something special too

If children can think of something loving to make into a video for their parents, then parents too can be really creative when it comes to surprising their kids! Children are often enticed by moving pictures and colourful graphics. Videos will always make them chuckle and jump around in joy. It becomes even sweeter when parents put in that effort by using an online video editor and making the video look perfect.

Do something out of the box and surprise them with a cute video of you spending time with your kids and having the best time of your life!

5. It’s the era of pet love!

People who are extremely fond of pets know how special they are! Today, most of us have pets at home – mostly dogs and cats, but some people like to keep an aquarium of fishes or maybe even a hamster!

Either way, some consider their pets to be as much a part of their family as the rest of the family members. You can make the cutest videos with some funky templates filled with images of you and your pet, maybe feeding them or on vacation or simply playing around. Share it on social media and have people envy your special Valentine match!

6. Be the source of love!

If you are a new entrepreneur in the business and you know how Valentine’s is one of the most amazing gifting seasons ever, you can indulge in making cute loving videos that entice your potential customers.

Valentine’s is when everyone is looking for that perfect thoughtful gift for their partner, parents, friends, or even favourite teachers! Make a Valentine’s Guide in the form of a video that shows all the products you have in store and those which qualify to be the perfect Valentine’s gift!

7. Promotional videos work wonders for Valentine’s collections

It’s no surprise how well videos work and can hold viewers’ grasp for a longer time compared to static images. Therefore it is best that if you are planning to make promotional content on the various offers or sales that you have in store, especially for Valentine’s – make a video out of it! People will be a lot more interested to watch that video, and that will help in creating more awareness as well! For this, you can use an online video editor with Valentine’s day templates and features that help you optimize your promotional videos for better grasp. 

8. Send some special love to your customers 

Valentine’s Day is way past its clichéd storyline. Today any kind of love is worth celebrating on Valentine’s.

If you are a brand, one of the most interesting formats of content you can come up with during Valentine’s Day is making a cute video thanking your customers for their support and sending them love. This qualifies as something thoughtful and might be sweet for your customers to come back to shop with you all again!

9. Compilation of Valentine’s quotes

Are you a born wordsmith? One of the best Valentine’s video ideas is to make a beautiful video with quotes that you have written yourself! Nothing expresses love as sweetly as the power of words!

Make a loved one feel truly special as you pen down your feelings for them in the form of quotes and make a beautiful video with attractive templates for the quotes.

10. Love for your Best Friends Forever!

There’s family, and then there are Friends like Family! Your friends deserve to be showered with love on Valentine’s too! And with friends, there are always countless memories to revisit.

Make a beautiful video with all your best fests, trips, and parties with the perfect song and template, and lock them in that video forever!

To Wrap

Videos are one of the most attractive ways of making content, and when it comes to Valentine’s Day, there are just so many ways in which you can compile videos and truly make someone feel special.