10 Yoga for Pelvic Floor Strength You Can Do in Your Home

Pelvic muscles are an essential part of your body that controls many bodily functions like urination and erection in men and helps with more uncomplicated pregnancy in women. But weaker pelvic muscles also create problems in both males and females like urination problems, Erectile problems, and pregnancy problems. Here are some easy and doable home Yoga for pelvic floor muscles that can help you eliminate these problems at your home.

Downward Dog 

 Salambha Adho Mukha Svanasana(Downward Dog) is well-designed yoga for pelvic floor strength. It stretches your core and pelvic muscles and reduces stress in your body by increasing blood circulation. You can perform downward dog with the help of a chair or a wall and slowly move forward while keeping your leg and lower body steady.

Plank (Kumbhakasana)

Kumbhakasana is the most straightforward variation of plank that you can perform in bed. This yoga pose strengthens your core, pelvic and shoulder muscles. Start with the most accessible form by holding your weight on your hands and legs while trying to keep your body straight. Over time you can lower the body stance and hold for more extended periods to strengthen your body. In other words, for the long run, Kumbhakasana(plank) is the best yoga for pelvic floor.

Ashwini Yoga for Pelvic

Ashwini Yoga is a form of kegel yoga that puts your pelvic muscles into work. This yoga is well regarded as the best Yoga for erectile dysfunction because of its ability to treat and control erectile dysfunction and prostate gland problems. It is also the easiest yoga for pelvic you can do at any time. Slowly compress your hip muscles, hold for a bit of time, and release. You can do as many times as you like until you feel comfortable and breathe normally while doing Ashwini yoga for better results.

Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)

Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana) is another easy yoga for pelvic floor strength that you can do at home. Paschimottanasana yoga allows you greater flexibility and body movement while enhancing blood circulation. It also helps in decreasing the ageing effects in your body. When you perform forward bend, it stretches your pelvic, hip, and thigh muscles and allows them to become stronger.

Bhujangasana(Cobra Pose)

Bhujangasana is another easy yoga for pelvic floor muscles. It is the best yoga asana for losing belly fat and strengthening your core and pelvic muscles. Many beginners ignore the cobra pose because of its simplicity. But it is a mistake you should avoid at the beginning of your training and start doing it religiously daily to see its magic.

Butterfly Pose

The butterfly pose may seem to you like a children’s plaything. But when you try this yoga pose, you will see why this yoga asana is on this list of yoga for pelvic. It solely deals with pelvic muscles, waist joints, and hip muscles to provide endurance and flexibility. You can perform it on your bed or a yoga mat by joining your toes and moving your legs moving like a butterfly.

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Salabhasana is a type of yoga for the pelvic that consists of many variations you can do according to your comfort. The most accessible variation of Salabhasana yoga is the Superman-like pose in which you have to balance your body on your core muscle while lying down on the floor. The only difference you have in salabhasana is that you don’t have to stick your hands out like superman. Over time you can try many variants to strengthen your pelvic and core muscles more. 

Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

Bow Pose (Dhanurasana) is a tougher yoga for pelvic floor muscles. However, its effects are pretty extensive on your core, hip, back, and pelvic floor. You can do it daily and see its impact on your body. But before you try a bow pose, you should do proper stretching and then go for a bow pose. Start with lying on the mat back facing the carpet and start lifting your body like a bow hold and return on the mat. Do it slowly to avoid any injuries.

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Eagle Pose

Eagle pose is especially a body balancing yoga that helps you increase your body’s stability and strengthen your leg. But what many people don’t know about the Eagle pose because it also increases pelvic muscles endurance and helps them grow stronger. When you do an eagle pose, your body weight is balanced on one leg, increasing the strain on your waist, hip, leg, and pelvic muscles and forcing them to grow stronger to hold the weight. The eagle pose is the most underrated yoga for pelvic floor muscles.


Pawanmuktasana is the most straightforward yoga for pelvic muscles, especially for those people who don’t want to exercise. Just lie down on your bed on your back, bring both legs near your chest, and move them back to their original position. This motion will help release gas from your body and enhance your digestion. It also increases your core and pelvic muscles endurance over time. 

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Bottom Line 

 Here are the 10 best Yoga for pelvic floor muscles you can do at your home. Would you please share its name if you think any other yoga is beneficial or should be on this list? Start with the easiest yoga first, then go for tougher ones for better efficiency and stronger muscles.