20 marketing actions to boost your sports entity

The objective of marketing actions is no longer simply limited to presenting and selling offers or services but rather aims to create messages that make organizations, the figure of the facility or the coach, recognizable among their actual or potential clients. It is about transmitting the values, feelings, or emotions that characterize our entity and that can satisfy your needs or desires.

The new paradigm of relationship with our consumers and with an increasingly competitive market, demands that both 해외축구 중계사이트 entities and professionals in the sector take care of developing a communication that generates knowledge and trust of their brands and projects.

Through Marketing and its tools, whether online, offline or mixed, understood as part of the global strategy of the organization itself, it is the perfect way to project these actions in an environment that generate positioning and trust among the public and they feel attracted to know each other.

Unlike traditional advertising,

Current marketing strategies must be linked to our brand, focus on creating attractive content for the consumer and that is related to the values and mission of our entity.

One of the main actions is storytelling, which consists of narrating a story with which it is intended to connect emotionally with the consumer.

Both these stories and the different actions that we will propose below, we can make them known thanks to the available channels, whether in the digital environment through new technologies, which also offer a wide range of possibilities both in written and audiovisual format, such as in offline channels, with the aim of reaching our target audiences more directly.

When using digital channels, we must take into account that the messages can be reproduced on different multimedia supports such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc., facilitating participation and an immersive experience. This is what is known as transmedia storytelling. In addition, the possibilities of social networks and Omni channel with our clients, whether in the physical space itself or outside of it, increase the emotional connection of users with the brand and their interaction, leaving a mark on them and producing an engagement that does not pass unnoticed, generating a lasting relationship of trust, the main purpose of the new marketing strategy that we propose.

Below we cite several of the actions that will help boost your brand, its impact and awareness.

Offline tools.

  1. Direct marketing: actions of immediate relationship with the potential buyer through the use of their contact data.
  2. Telemarketing: contact or follow-up calls with the client or interested party for the purpose of recruitment or loyalty.
  3. Sweepstakes: actions involving the participation of the potential customer with the aim of obtaining new contacts in exchange for prizes or benefits.
  4. Advertising: carrying out campaigns in physical spaces with promotional or informative advertisements.
  5. Events: contact marketing with the customer with the aim of capturing it through events, demonstrations, sessions that allow them to experience our services or products.
  6. Public Relations: communication actions with the aim of strengthening ties with the different audiences, listening to them and informing them to achieve their loyalty and support.
  7. Street Marketing: actions carried out abroad or on public roads with the aim of creating a greater impact among consumers by generating an experience.

Online tools.

  1. Email Marketing: technique that uses email to communicate with customers or attract them, being able to adapt and segment the content to be sent.
  2. Display Advertising: online advertisements that are displayed in the form of banners on landing pages, either in a combination of images and text, audio or video.
  3. Search engine marketing: search engine payment campaigns (SEM), with the aim of attracting new customers, sales, positioning or reach of our entity.
  4. Social Networks: digital applications that favor contact between organizations and people, generating a community for the exchange of information and content.
  5. Video Marketing: tool based on the use of audiovisual image, mainly through the Internet, to achieve different objectives of the marketing strategy.
  6. Native Advertising: advertisements on websites or networks that match the look, feel and format of the media where they appear, being less intrusive
  7. Mobile Marketing: techniques and formats (Apps, QR, Bacon, NFC) to promote products and services, using mobile devices as a communication tool.
  8. Organic positioning: natural positioning techniques or SEO, which do not involve cost, with the aim of reaching the highest position of a website in search engines.
  9. Web, Landing page: use of digital pages as a means of communication, information or sale in order to attract customers or potential contacts.

Combined Offline-Online tools.

  1. Advertising: combined campaigns both in the online and offline environment.
  2. Promotions: actions in physical space with advantages and benefits of purchase in a digital environment.
  3. Web calls: advertising in physical spaces that direct to digital environments with offers, information, etc., usually webs.
  4. Call back: requests in a digital environment such as web, mobile that involve a phone call with the potential client.