3 Best Things To Do After You’ve Had the Flu

The flu is a severe illness. Every year, millions of people get the flu, and some never recover. The flu can really take it out of people who are high risk or have other immunity issues. When you have finally gotten over the worst parts of the flu, your chills have passed, and that excessive temperature has gone back down to almost normal, there are a few guidelines that you can follow to get your body feeling back to normal in less time. 

Stay Home & Hydrate

Unfortunately, none of the guidelines recommend getting back to your regular activities any time soon, so go ahead and scratch that off your list until you have made a full recovery. One of the best things you can do to help heal yourself after having the flu is to, you guessed it, stay home a little longer. Brillia health reviews that your body needs plenty of water to get back to normal. The flu truly takes so much from your body that the best way to replenish it is to return water to your system to get things moving again. You may also want to alternate between water and electrolyte drinks. 

Refuel Your Body

Water, however, isn’t the only necessary fuel your body requires to get back to normal. The good news is that cold and flu season coincides with soup season. Take this opportunity to enjoy all the different soups that you can get your hands on to heal. You can restart your regular vitamins, your vitamins for flu prevention, and supplement regimens at this time. 

Be sure to choose whole foods as you slowly start to eat solid foods again. Your stomach will be weak, and slowly adding solid foods rather than grabbing a full meal is the best idea to ease back into normal eating. The following foods have been known to have positive results for people healing from the flu:

  • Smoothies 
  • Golden milk
  • Bone broth 
  • Matzo ball soup 
  • Chicken noodle soup 
  • Vegetable soup 
  • Celery broth 
  • Mashed sweet potatoes 

Rest and Rebuild Slowly

The best cold and flu relief rarely comes in the form of food or drink or pill or powder though all of those can aid in healing. The true secret to recovery from the flu is rest. As you are healing from the flu, be sure to get the recommended amount of sleep every night. During the day, take small naps mid-morning and mid-afternoon to help rebuild your strength from the effects of the flu.

Rest is essential for your body to rebuild its strength. However, you may have lost some muscle mass during the time that you were ill. People suffer the ravages of the flu and can experience fatigue and muscle weakness for some time following their recovery. To combat muscle weakness and fatigue, you can slowly start to complete dynamic exercises that require no more than repeated movement at first. Keeping your body moving will also shorten your healing time.