3 Facts About Mechanical Dewatering

There are many jobs that require you to remove all or excess water from various materials or spaces. One way to do this is to dewater the material or space. Here are three facts about mechanical dewatering.

1. Reasons for Its Use

Mechanical dewatering is typically utilized in construction and in wastewater management and treatment. In construction, you may use it to lower groundwater levels so you can work in drier, more stable conditions. In wastewater management and treatment, it’s mainly used to dewater solid waste material. This reduces the cost of dealing with these materials, as well as their volumes, which makes processing, transport and disposal or storage easier.

2. Equipment Used

There are several common tools used to mechanically dewater spaces and materials. They include centrifuges, chamber filter presses and belt filter presses. Centrifuges lift solids out of liquid material so they can dry, and the liquid can be disposed of separately. Filter presses may filter liquids and solids apart mechanically, chemically or via gravity. If you want to lower groundwater, you may want to use a water pump instead.

3. Advantages and Disadvantages

Like all processes, there are advantages and disadvantages to mechanical dewatering. It can help reduce processing costs or make construction sites safer. You can choose automated systems or systems that require minimal operator skill. These systems also often provide high levels of operational capacity. On the other hand, these systems can be expensive and require high-tech equipment and complicated design. You need to be able to provide continuous power to this system, and you may also need to perform additional procedures to further decontaminate the water. While operation may not necessarily require much skill, you’ll need qualified professionals to maintain the system.

You should research the different types, tools, advantages and disadvantages of dewatering. Then you can determine what type of mechanical or other kinds of dewatering will work best for your needs.