3 Reasons to Game on a Laptop

As the number of PC gamers increases each year, there is no doubt that people will start to want more from their gaming experience. Such things as better performance, accessories that enhance the gaming experience, and the most obvious of them all, portability. The main go-to solution for taking your favorite PC games on the go is to get yourself a gaming laptop. 

Improved Technology in Laptops

Most hardcore gamers may turn their nose up at laptop gaming as they assume the experience will not match gaming on a PC. However, in recent years, technology for laptop gaming has moved upwards exponentially. Graphics are all overhauled and laptop graphics cards can rival even that of PC graphics cards. Especially due to the lack of supply of high-end graphics cards for PCs, now is the best time to invest in a powerful gaming laptop. It used to be that laptops had notoriously bad battery performance, but now that is a thing of the past. A well-maintained and looked-after battery for a laptop will last years compared to what it used to. 


The best benefit of owning a gaming laptop has to be the freedom of being able to take it anywhere, and being able to have a powerful enough machine that can run even the highest performance settings on a triple A-game. Long gone are the days when you’d have to lug your huge PC setup just to have a LAN party at your friend’s house. If you’re traveling, carrying your laptop can also be a huge benefit as you can access all your personal files and even do your work on it while away from home for long periods of time. Gaming laptops also have a high processing power, so if you like to create content on the go whether it is video or photo editing you can be sure the laptop will be able to handle your workload.


Some high-end gaming laptops can still cost thousands, especially the top 5 gaming laptops of this year, because of the new technology that has been put into them. There are also certain perks to this. As everything is included in the one price, you don’t have to worry about budgeting for other accessories and peripherals such as monitors, webcams, keyboards, wireless adapters, and speakers. When buying or building a PC, you would have to consider the components you will need and price these up individually, not to mention the price of someone building a custom one for you. With a gaming laptop, what you see is what you get all at one price, which is easy and accessible. if you really wanted to, you could always swap to a larger hard drive or an SSD too.

Many of the top gaming laptops can be bought outright and even have finance options so it is actually easier than ever to get your hands on one. Each year, as new technology is released, there will be no doubt that manufacturers will try and squeeze more into laptops for the fans of portable gaming.