3 Things Busy Moms Need in a Pair of Sunglasses

Mothers can do anything. Literally, from carrying babies in their wombs for months and bringing them into the world to rearing them into amazing adults while working demanding jobs, they can do it all. Yes, mothers are one of a kind.

And for such remarkable women, only the best sunglasses will do – just like the luxurious Prada sunglasses.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect eyewear for your days out, either for sun protection or as a fashion statement, be sure to consider several factors and only choose high-quality sunglasses. Such sunglasses are made for women who take care of kids and run around all day doing errands while juggling a career and enjoying some time for self-love.

And what are the qualities of the perfect sunglasses for mothers? Here are three of them:


You’ll know when a pair of sunglasses is high-quality when it is durable enough to handle curious little hands or falls to the hard floor.

Admit it, mothers deal with mischievous kids for hours on end, especially when their children are still toddlers. During this time, everything you possess goes through their hands or, worse, their feet. And most of them end up broken.

Fortunately, your sunglasses don’t have to suffer the same fate. When it’s made with quality materials, like Prada sunglasses, you can be sure that its durability is topnotch and can withstand playful little tykes.

So, when curious kids manage to reach them, or their mischief leads to your eyewear falling, you don’t have to worry.


As a mother, time is often a luxury you can’t afford. And you find yourself chasing it. Thus, the things you do need not be time-consuming.

For this, always choose versatile things, especially when it comes to fashion. This way, you can quickly wear anything and still look fabulous.

And when it comes to versatile sunglasses, the trick is sticking to the classics. Wayfarers and aviators are some styles that look good on just about anyone. And they stay in style no matter the season.

So, even on your lazy days, you can wear your versatile sunglasses, and they will still compliment your look.


Sunglasses are some of the simplest accessories for sun protection, and it is the primary function of this type of eyewear.

So, when you’re on the hunt for your “mom shades”, don’t forget to check its sun protection label. Choose one with a UV 400 label or those that say “100% protection against UVA and UVB.” These labels mean a pair of sunglasses blocks almost all of the harmful ultraviolet light rays around, protecting you from severe eye conditions like macular degeneration.

Mothers, just like everyone else, wear sunglasses primarily for sun protection. Thus, its ability to block UV rays is one of the most important things to check when looking for the perfect eyewear.

But of course, it can also be used as an accessory to complete your outfit of the day, whether it’s sunny or not outside. So, aside from its sun protection label, mothers need to choose something durable and versatile on top of its elegant style.

With the perfect sunglasses, you can look and feel good even when kids cling on your arm or with grocery bags in your hands. And you’ll look terrific both during work or while enjoying a day off.

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