4 Best Bandage Scissors For Surgeons In 2022_A Complete Guideline 

The most essential instruments for any healthcare facility, nurses, or doctors are bandage scissors. In every operating room, whether it is orthopedic or surgical, scissors are of great importance as only scissors help to cut the dressings or fabrics just like the knife.  They have blunt ends which prevent injury to the skin of patients while removing the bandages. Hence it makes the bandage removing procedures easy, quick, smooth, and safe. The other advantage is that it helps to cut the medical gauzes and also helps to size the dressings. 

Most Commonly Used Bandage Scissors

If you want to have some accurate and precise scissors for your hospital or clinic then check out the given collection of best scissors for doctors 2022. 

1.Lister Bandage Scissors

While working in the general wards, lister scissors are very useful. It helps to remove the thin bandages during the checking of wounds or injuries or the procedures of surgical incisions. These are made with quality German stainless steel material which resists corrosion, and rust. As these are made with stainless steel so they are sterilizable and autoclavable but doctors have to make sure that scissors are reprocessed properly otherwise it may cause the spread of infections in patients.

2.Knowles (High-level Bandage Scissors)

Knowles scissors have angles or straight shanks and have blunt working ends which prevent the iatrogenic injury to patients during the dressing procedures. These scissors are handcrafted and made with German Stainless steel material. 

The main features and uses of Knowles scissors are:

  • It helps to cut or size the medical gauzes, dressings, or bandages. 
  • On the bottom blade, it has a blunt end which ensures safe procedures. 
  • It helps to lift or remove the bandages from the skin of patients and avoids any harm during the cutting of bandages. 
  • It ensures quick and safe dressing processes. 
  • These scissors are also helpful to cut rigid materials such as textiles, plastics, or umbilical cords during surgical procedures. 

Knowles scissors can be of various types namely straight, sides angled shank, or double-sided angled shank and curved. These can be of different designs and sizes which a doctor or nurse can use as per the need of the procedures. 

3.Supercut Or Super-Sharp Bandage Scissors 

It is an oversized scissor with a finger ring that reduces stress and pressure. The benefits and features of these scissors are:

  • Little strength is needed to use these scissors during cutting procedures. It allows very less or no strain on the forearm, fingers, and thumbs. 
  • It provides precise and perfect control for cutting. So you don’t need to apply too much force. 
  • In dressing or surgical procedures, these scissors save too much time as they are quick and reliable. 
  • As compared to the other usual scissors, these scissors retain their precision, accuracy, and sharpness for a very long time. 
  • It is not recommended by professionals to use these scissors for cutting plasters.

4.Metzenbaum Scissors with Tungsten Carbide

For the cutting of soft tissues or dissecting the delicate tissues, Metz scissors are used. These can be of two types whether curved or straight and doctors can use them as per their preference. The features and uses are:

  • These are available in various designs and shapes. 
  • Scissors can be sterilized, reprocessed, and autoclaved. Nurses or doctors should make sure these are properly cleaned and they can steam sterilize them as well. 
  • Metz scissors are commonly used in organ-related surgeries because they have sharp ends which can be straight or bent. 
  • For the cutting of fragile or delicate tissues, Metz scissors are best to use.

Features To Look For While Buying Bandage Scissors

  • Check the material of the bandage scissors as they should be sharp so they can cut the material sharply without hurting the skin.
  • Before selecting the scissor, check the size and weight of the scissors. Make sure to choose those which are comfortable to use or choose them as per the need of dressing or surgical procedures. For instance, small bandage scissors are commonly used in pediatric surgeries. 
  • Scissors should have anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. If you do not want disposable scissors then make sure that these are made with German Stainless steel material and are sterilizable. 

Final Thoughts 

As bandage scissors are widely used in healthcare facilities for easy lifting and cutting. For this purpose, the best scissors are reviewed in this article, so the doctors or nurses can choose the best ones according to their needs. Consider reading the reviews and characteristics of each pair of scissors before buying for your hospitals or healthcare facilities. 

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