4 Best Email Marketing Strategies That You Should Not Forget in 2020

With the growth of social media marketing and with the evolution of its trending strategies, some Best Email Marketing Strategies like email marketing are becoming obsolete. Is this true?

We guess not. The latest statistics have proved that even if the rise in social media has dominated the market, 87% of marketers still pay attention to email marketing to disseminate their content. People are still hiring the best digital marketing company to implement effective email marketing practices in 2020.

Here in this article, we will disclose the practices that are essential for building a strong email marketing strategy. Let’s have a look.

4 Best Email Marketing Strategies you should not forget while operating your business

01-Don’t forget to send a feedback mail:

Feedback or reviews are very important for a business. No matter what your business looks like, if you are concerned about your business growth and want to cherish your customers with your friendly products and services, asking them for feedback is necessary.
 Feedback helps the business to analyze the customers’ opinions regarding your brand and products. Here you get an insight into the customers’ behavior and find the areas where you still need to improve.

The only way to get your customers’ opinion is by sending them a feedback mail asking for a review in a friendly note. Share the link where you want your customers to add their experience or rate your brand products or services.

Over 90% of people go online to find reviews and decide whether they should make a purchase or not. Therefore, asking your existing clients to share their thoughts on review generating sites like Yelp, Facebook, Google, etc. is necessary.

Send an automated feedback request to all your clients immediately after their purchases. And wait for their responses.

02-Don’t forget to use call-to-actions:

 Email marketing messages can be a promotional one, transactional, greetings, and so on. It actually doesn’t matter what your email message is all about. What matters is how you use your call-to-actions.

Every email message should contain a powerful and engaging call-to-actions. Of course, your emails have a clear purpose, but to achieve the purpose or goal, a CTA is necessary.
 Some compelling CTAs that you can use in your mail message is Subscribe and save, Visit our website, View more, etc. The CTA should have the potential to turn the prospects into customers. Even if you are sending the mails to your existing customers, you can keep them engaged with these CTAs.

03-Don’t forget to create and limit your email blasts:

Probably, you have an idea about what email blasts are. Email blasts are the bulk mails send to a large list of contacts at one time. These emails usually have the same template and same message with different recipient names.
 Customizing email blasts using an eye-soothing email marketing tool should be one of your practices. This helps businesses to stay in touch with the existing customers and stimulate them to take necessary actions.

However, this doesn’t mean you should continue sending email blasts every day. Guys, you have to understand that people whom you are sending the messages may be using the same mail address for their official purposes. Therefore, sending an email on regular basis may turn out to be a great mistake.
Sometimes, to avoid such emails and notifications, the receivers either block the sender or unsubscribe them. Do you want your customers to perform this job for you?

So, limit your email blasts to once in a week and keep them updated in one message.

04-Don’t forget to keep in touch with the customers:

Email marketing is a wonderful way to keep in touch with the existing customers and draw the attention of some new customers as well. Simply by sending a transactional mail, promotional message, or greetings via email can assist you in your job.

Send messages with empathy and add some personalized effect to it. Personalization often works better than normal messages. Your message should carry your purpose but should also be stated as if you are concern about your customers. And you should be.
 The emails should be written professionally but the content should have a personalized vibe. For example, if you are sending a promotional message at this moment, you can start the mail with – “Hope you are doing well” and end with “stay home, stay safe”.

These things matter, especially when you are out to spread brand awareness.

Final Words

Email marketing is a digitally driven marketing technique where different sorts of emails and messages are used to promote, greet, and get in touch with the contacts directly. It is indeed an important part of the business process, especially when you are wondering to be connected with the customers, generate leads, and drive more new customers to your desk.

Guys, wait no more. Just look for a white label digital marketing agency and hire the experts who are specialized in implementing the email marketing tactics.  

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