4 Common Elderly Health Issues

4 Common Elderly Health Issues

Old age is usually challenging and unpleasing, since many seniors experience memory loss, wrinkles, greying hair, and health complications, among other issues. Some seniors require assisted living in St Petersburg FL, due to the delicacy of their lives or their living environment. Therefore, it is essential to understand seniors’ challenges since some of these challenges can be managed or even prevented. The following are some health issues linked to aging.

Chronic Health Issues

Chronic diseases such as stroke, cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes are common among aged individuals. Besides, these diseases are also costly to manage. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, including maintaining a healthy diet, visiting a physician annually for checkups, drinking adequate water, and exercising frequently, can help someone manage or prevent these chronic conditions.

Cognitive Health

Cognitive health entails a person’s ability to learn, think, or remember. Dementia is one of the most common health conditions linked to seniors, while the most common type of this condition is Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, habits such as smoking and substance abuse and health issues like depression, hypertension, HIV, and diabetes increase the risks of developing dementia. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the condition. However, doctors can prescribe medication or a treatment plan to manage the condition.

Mental health

Mental health disorder is also another health condition linked with seniors, especially those aged above 60. Depression is a major mental health issue among seniors. However, this condition is usually untreated and undiagnosed. Hence, it is responsible for many suicide deaths in the U.S. Since depression may be caused by chronic health issues, managing them by living a healthy lifestyle is essential.


Malnutrition can be caused by other issues such as forgetting to eat due to dementia, alcoholism, limited income, depression, or dietary restrictions. Malnutrition causes health issues like muscle weakness and a weakened immune system.  

Aging is an inevitable phase of life. Therefore, it is essential to take care of our loved one to prevent and manage their health.

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