4 things to know about Virtual Currencies in video games

With new online games, the purchase does not end when the game is started but continues throughout the entertainment experience. Virtual currencies are the element on which the commercial strategies of new video games are based. How does it work and what is important for us to know?

What I’m talking about in this article will be discussed as following

  1. Virtual stores
  2. Research
  3. In- Game shops
  4. Online E-gaming Currency Websites

1. What are virtual stores?

In the old days it used to be that if you wanted to get a video game you had to wait till Christmas and wish for your favorite video game to simply appear under your Christmas tree. But if you were not as patient or broke as me than you can go to your neared video game store and hope that your favorite video games are in stock. Pay the clerk and get your game. But now buying video games have become a whole lot easier. You can buy games simply with a click of a mouse button. All you need to do that is visit one of many virtual stores like Steam and origin etc which provide you with your all time favorite video games. Not only that now most games have some form of in game currency and purchasable items which give you a boost against those players who can’t afford such virtual luxuries. Virtual stores sell you those items and currencies as well. Are you a fortnite fan and looking to buy cool skins for your character, no problem virtual stores got you covered. Are you an NHL 21 fan looking to boost your fantasy team a bit. Well do not sweat as you can buy hut coins its in-game currency from such virtual stores.

2. Research

A search for Akamay, one of the largest security companies, has shown how much of the cyber crime network prefer to attack the video game accounts than bank accounts.

Between March 2017 and March 2019, 12 billion attacks were detected aimed at the gaming sector or against game accounts that first of all presented one of these three problems:

  • a password reused on multiple websites;
  • a password shared with friends;
  • too easy a password;

To monetize compromised game accounts, criminals resell them, trade and resell in-game currencies, skins, and other virtual items, or resell account data on external sites.

3. In- Game shops

Now video game makers have made things so easier for you that you do not even have to look in virtual stores to buy game skins and currencies as there are built in stores in games. That will let you buy your desired items with the help of their virtual currencies. First step is always to convert your hard-earned real life money into virtual gaming currency and then go through the store using that currency to buy any and all items you are looking for and these in-game stores go by many names. For example if you are an NHL 21 fan like me and into fantasy ice hockey teams then you can buy hut coins, the games virtual currency and spend hours on end in its virtual store called the Auction house.

4: Online E-gaming Currency Websites

In addition to in game stores and virtual stores you can also find many websites which are selling your favorite in game currencies, sometimes at alarmingly cheap rates. Let’s say you are an NHL 21 player the you can buy hut coins at a variety of websites like g2g.com and u4gm.com. But when visiting such sites you must be very careful as some of them maybe just scam sites, who will take your login info and your account and all your hard work done in that game will be lost. Not to mention, if they get your hands on your credit or debit card information it can cause real life financial issues for you. So you must always vet the site before making any purchase. From reading the reviews to checking the credibility of the website, proper research must be done before making any kind of purchase.

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