4 Things You Can Ship To India From Worldwide

Shipping is one of the prevalent modes of sending tour packages from one place to another. It physically transports goods from one location to another, such as when goods are shipped from a warehouse to a consumer. A freight company will oversee the shipment process, which comes after the production and packaging of the items. Shipping can take many forms according to the distance traveled and the required delivery speed.

By using the shipment services offered by reliable shipping agencies, shipping to India from abroad has become convenient and hassle-free. The Indian diaspora can gift their friends and family their favorite gadgets, accessories and clothes in standard transit time. As per reports of 2021, a total of 2.7 million people live in the USA, which means sending gifts to India from the USA is prevalent. Many NRIs return to India annually, needing shipment services while relocating.

4 Things You Can Ship To India

Shipping is effortless when facilities are available for sending your document, boxes, packages, courier, and television to India. Here are four things you can send to India through the shipping services provided by popular shipping providers.

Shipping Documents

Sending documents to India is quite expensive these days. However, many shipment services provide affordable and accessible shipping to India and door-to-door delivery facilities for your papers. Many Indians immigrate abroad for jobs and study purposes from India. You can send your confidential documents to the immigration office in India for visas. Also, many medical tourists visit India for medical treatment, and they can send their reports to their respective hospitals.

Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes to India can be expensive and may cost extra charges at the airport. You can quickly ship gift items or donate clothes to charitable organizations in India. You can send these items to most locations in India with great affordability and ease. One box can cost you up to $125 (50 lbs), and two large packages up to $225 (100 lbs).

These boxes reach the recipient’s doorstep; meanwhile, you can track the ocean shipment and get it insured beforehand. The boxes are delivered on time without any damage.

Shipping Television

Whether you want to ship your television to your dear one or your next destination, sending television is now more accessible with these services. You can ship television from the USA to India in the most economical way. The shipment service will send your television to the door with assured insurance during the standard transit time. You can track the shipment from anywhere to see if your shipment is on time or running late.

Shipping Furniture And Home Appliances

Relocating to India is now easier with shipping services worldwide. You can carry your favorite furniture anywhere you are relocating without any hassle. The shipment will be disassembled and transported to your location in no time and without any damage. You can also track the location of your shipment and get insurance for all your items.


The shipping business has made sending and receiving packages to and from abroad more accessible. You can track your package seating in the remotest corner of the country without any trouble. The shipment facility helps you when relocating to any part of the country from India. You need not leave any of your favorite furniture or home appliances behind.

The shipment facility enables you to send confidential documents related to visas or migration to the visa office in India. You have the advantage of tracking down your parcel and keeping a record of your belongings from far away.