4 Tips for Buying Your First Handgun

More adults are choosing to invest in a handgun for personal protection. There are varying claims about the reasons for this rise. Some argue that it is an increase in violent crime and the growing threat of civil unrest. Others point to a perceived crackdown on legal gun ownership. Regardless of why you want to purchase a sidearm, you definitely need to find one that you are comfortable operating in a safe manner. Here are four tips to help you narrow down your selection. 

1. Research Gun Laws in Your Area

This is an absolute must for your first step. Find out what is required to purchase, own and carry a firearm where you live. For example, many states have training requirements for concealed carry, but only require a permit to purchase a firearm. Then, be willing to do whatever is required to legally obtain your first firearm. 

2. Decide Between Revolver or Semi-Automatic

These are the two categories of handguns you will find in most stores. A revolver (as its name suggests) has a barrel-shaped chamber that revolved to expose each cartridge to the firing pin. They are simple, as well as easy to clean and operate, making them an ideal choice for someone who will only occasionally use their firearm. However, some people find them bulky or awkward to hold. 

A semi-automatic takes some of the work out of using your handgun by offering faster reloading and greater ammo capacities. They are a bit more complicated to use and clean and can be more expensive than a similar-quality revolver. However, semi-automatics tend to be very ergonomic and comfortable to shoot. 

3. Choose a Caliber

Once you decide on a style, you can get down to the nuts and bolts of what caliber projectiles you want to shoot. Some common self-defense sizes include 380, 9mm, .38, and .357 or .44 Magnum. These can all effectively stop an attacker or intruder, although the larger sizes may carry more recoil than you want to deal with. 

4. Shoot Several Different Guns Before You Buy One

Perhaps the best way to find a firearm that you feel comfortable with is to try several different models. Find and visit a range that offers Sig Sauer handguns for sale and rent. Explain that you are shopping for a new firearm. Pro shop staff can help you select several to try out; they are also often able to offer basic instruction on handling for each one.

Start your search by learning the laws in your state. Then, narrow down your selection by picking a firearm type and size. At that point, you can move on to trying different models to find one that eels comfortable in your hand.