5 Benefits of a Folding Tonneau Cover

When it’s time to upgrade your truck, a tri fold tonneau cover is a competitive option. Explore the top five benefits you can enjoy when you put a lid on your truck bed. From the job site to your next road trip, these covers offer dynamic protection and added value to handle your projects.

1. Visual Appeal

A capped truck bed has a striking look. Choose a folding cover that matches your trim, typically black or gray, to create a sleek look and hide a dirty truck bed. It may not be the most important of the many tonneau cover benefits, but it is a great perk.

2. Adding Value to Your Truck

A truck with a tonneau is typically more valuable than a truck without one. Not only do tonneau covers offer financial value to your rig, they also add lots of practical value as you load it up and get ready to hit the road.

A tri fold in particular is a convenient option. Consider a soft tri fold for an affordable investment, or upgrade to a hard folding tonneau cover for durable protection from impacts, scratches and UV rays.

3. Improved Organization

You can alter your organizational strategy when you don’t have to worry about items getting rained on or blowing out of your truck. Instead of trying to pack your pickup with tool boxes, storage containers and a backseat full of loose items, use a tonneau cover to protect anything you need.

This creates a spacious pickup bed that’s ready for any type of organization. Create shelves and dividers or leave it all open to store whatever you need throughout the day. If you need to pick up an item that’s too tall for your tonneau, fold up one- or two-thirds of the cover to expand your possibilities.

4. Increased Fuel Economy

Save up to 2% on your fuel usage with a tonneau cover. This may not seem like a significant amount, but the savings can add up over time. A cover can provide these savings because it reduces drag. Wind blowing over the top of your truck can create a situation that causes drag if you don’t have a tonneau cover installed.

5. Safe Storage Area

A covered pickup bed is protected from a number of hazards. When you properly install a tonneau, you can prevent wind, rain, UV rays, criminals and other hazards from damaging or removing your belongings.

Some tonneau covers even come with a locking mechanism. As long as your tailgate is locked, these tonneaus lock the bed of your truck from would-be thieves. A soft cover can still be cut through, but a hard cover is particularly difficult to break into. 

Learn More About Folding Tonneau Covers

These are just five of the top benefits of folding tonneau covers. Paired with the right truck step rails, you can add even more value to your ride.  For more information about benefits, styles, prices and features of these covers, head to a reliable online store. Match leading brands head-to-head to find the right option for your truck and your storage needs.