5 Best Places To Ride Your Bike In Cape Cod

Planning a trip to Cape Cod? Excellent! There are so many great places to ride your cruiser bikes there. It’s practically biking heaven. With a little planning and forethought, you can enjoy one of the fun and scenic Cape Cod biking trails.

“America The Beautiful” Shining Sea Bikeway

Ride from North Falmouth to Woods Hole and enjoy 10.7 miles of simply gorgeous scenery. This trail traces what used to be the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad line. You’ll pedal past cranberry bogs, marshes, and the Salt Pond Bird Sanctuary. The bikeway takes its name from the patriotic song “America the Beautiful” because you will see views that are right out of the lyrics. Don’t miss this trail.

The Challenging Province Lands Trail Loop

This is a hilly bikeway. You will want to take the best cruiser bike for women or men on this one. This 7.25-mile trail is a paved loop through the dunes. Start at the Province Lands Visitor Center and wind into the Race Point Beaches in Provincetown. The views are worth the struggle as you cruise over 4,000 acres of wild Province Land. Keep an eye out for the following natural beauties:

  • Saltwater kettle ponds
  • Marshland
  • Local sand formations
  • Exposed dunes
  • Expansive shoreline
  • Cranberry bogs

With so much to see, this bikeway provides a wonderful snapshot of the geography of Cape Cod.

Nauset Marsh Trail

This is a shorter ride, just three miles round trip, but it’s loaded with things to do. You will start at the Doane Rock Picnic Area or Salt Pond Visitors Center and end in Eastham at the Coast Guard Beach. It intersects at one point with the Cape Cod Trail, so if you wanted to add miles you can join that bikeway, too.

Things to see on the Nauset Marsh Trail include a monument to early settler Deacon John Doane, the old Coast Guard Station, and the Salt Pond. Of course, amazing panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean are a given.

Cape Cod Rail Trail

This is the mother of Cape Cod bikeways with its 25 miles of paved path. It follows the route of the now-defunct Cape Cod Railroad past countless historic sites and endless seaside charm. You will ride through six villages, many with restaurants and hotels with bike trail access. There are also lakes where you can picnic and swim. There’s no shortage of things to do on this trail.

Bike shops along the trail offer both bike and rollerblade rentals. This is a great trail for tricycles for adults, too. It’s easily accessed and well-monitored by the bike patrol police. 

Cape Cod Canal Bike Paths

For families with younger children or beginner cyclists of all ages, this is the trail. It is 14.2 miles of paved bikeway that’s fairly flat and very wide. It follows the banks of the Cape Cod Canal and provides plenty of scenery and stopping points. Children especially enjoy watching the boat traffic in the canal. There’s so much to see and do in Cape Cod. Plan your bike trip today.