5 factors of Image Marketing on Social Media

A picture is worth a thousand words. Suppose you are a digital marketer. You know this better. At this point, you will add an image to your post; it will increase the appeal and reach. And this is true for every social network. Take Twitter and Facebook, for example.

Say to  Jeff Bullus, “The engagement rate for photos averaged 0.37% where the text was only 0.27%. The same is true of Twitter. There are many marketing sectors online but image marketing is best. However, this is harder than it sounds when it comes to image marketing if you want to do it effectively. It’s not just posting a random image from your kitty and expecting a great response. Ideas, like any other marketing effort, need your special attention.

Here are three pillars of image marketing that you must include in your strategy.

1. Double-check the quality: 

The images we are talking about must be excellent in quality and resolution. It is the first technique of successful image marketing. Your audience’s point of view should attract their attention whenever they see it. So, if you are not a photographer and designer, hire professionals. The cost will be worth it.

The space available for images is unique to each social network. Make sure you use the most open space. For example, screen images work better on Facebook, while taller images on Pinterest get busier. So, keep each network in mind when creating visual content.

Be creative. It is nothing new. If you want to impress your competitors, you need to do something new. Let’s deal. Everyone is trying to call their target audience. What is your USP that will attract your target group to your brand and not others?

2. Add call to action: 

It adds activity to each image and brings us to the next pointer. Clean it as much as possible but avoid making direct sales pitches. Instead, you should do it subtly. Give your audience an indication of what you expect and how they will benefit from the action. Among other things, drive your readers ’thoughts just like Doisatland.

To do this correctly, you must understand your audience. There is no place for industry jargon. Remember, your target audience may not be included in your art. Take the trend like Terry Shipman. Remember his story? Shipman tweeted his selfie with his two pet dogs, following Ellen DeGeneres’ famous Oscar selfie. He tried lightly to take a selfie of a celebrity, and the rest is history.

3. Draw your niche:

It is the most obvious, but at the same time, an essential thing for image marketing. Control, even if you create user-generated content. For example, if you are involved in the fashion industry but get creative with your graphics, it will have to feed your fashion-conscious audience; otherwise, it will appear irrelevant. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules that you can’t post images that are not related to your niche. You can always take the liberty of talking about anything but refrain from exaggerating and hurting anyone. For example, during the Football World Cup, almost every business surrounds the event regardless of their niche.

4. Choose photos in social media

Usually, when you share the link on social media, the post’s first image will appear in your social update. Make sure it’s a good one. How do you know Focus on metrics for that social sharing? You can see that whenever you include an image with a person, the share and clicks go through the roof. Use this information, which will manage the image you select for future content.

In general, bold colors, broad backgrounds, and actionable images can get more clicks.

 5. Use common  images per post

If you are writing a blog post longer than 700 words, you should have at least two pictures. It breaks the monotony and keeps people busy as they scroll down to read your content.

Copy images to copy. For example, put them after a subheader across. And try to illustrate the content next to the idea. You can include a photo of a photographer and camera if you are writing about how to take better pictures. Or you can have some more fun with it and find an old-fashioned camera (one drawn with a cloth around the photographer to keep the light illuminated).


Image marketing is one of the best marketing in the . An image help for customer to know what to write about any think or content. So many ways to create the right image and submit a photo to other social sites. We are hopeful that our content is to help you to make a decent picture.

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