5 Home Decor Tips Perfect For A Minimalist

Your home is your haven, and even as a minimalist, you’d be yearning to invest in simple and long-standing home decor items that match your lifestyle. The interior of your house plays a great role in determining the quality of your life and your overall outlook on it. As a minimalist, you must surround yourself with pieces and fixtures that resonate with your beliefs while also serving an aesthetic purpose. Given below are five home decor ideas that are perfect for minimalists:

1. Balancing light and colors

The very first step in decorating your home should be playing with and balancing the light entering your home and the overall color scheme. If you ever feel that your home surroundings are congested, it possibly has more to do with a lack of ventilation and light, rather than furniture crowding. In addition to ensuring ventilation and enough natural light entering your rooms, you can also experiment with the colors on the wall by painting opposite facing walls in different shades of the same color family.

2. Featuring indoor plants

Indoor plants have the power to instantly light up a space by adding a fresh color to it. Not only are they cost-effective but you will also have a variety of indoor plants to choose from including orchids, floral cacti, snake plants, jade plants, and monstera. Certain varieties can also store other useful purposes than simply sitting pretty in a corner – for instance, house plants such as aloe vera can be used for their gel, golden pothos helps clear pollutants from the air, and french lavender has a calming and refreshing scent.

3. Managing free space

Your home’s interior involves carefully managing space and embellishments, and hence you should be mindful of what you use to fill up free space around the house. For instance, while the wall above a seating area needs to be left empty to make it seem more welcoming, empty walls should be used as accent walls and embellished. You could use frames, paintings, or wall clocks to add character to an empty wall. If you are looking for cost-effective options, opt for wall clocks on sale at Wesco Hub Australia. You may also consider leaving terracotta vases in empty corners of your lounge or drawing room to lighten up the space.

4. Placing small artifacts

Home decor involves much more than larger-than-life statement pieces, and smaller artifacts leave a greater impact in decorating spaces. You could collect tiny and unique artifacts or models that represent some aspect of your life or serve as souvenirs from your life story. Not only are they pleasing to the eye but also make great conversation starters. Whether this is a mini version of your favorite landmarks or a small book of quotes from your favorite philosopher, artifacts can come in all shapes and types.

5. Repurposing and upcycling

If you feel overly consumed about the environmental impact of your home decor endeavors but still look forward to changing something around the house, you should try to repurpose and upcycle your home. Simple steps such as waxing, repainting, and staining your existing furniture can make a big difference in its appearance. You may also choose to purchase second-hand furniture and repurpose it such as using an apothecary-inspired cabinet drawer as a table after removing its legs in your drawing or living room.