5 Interior Design Tips for Small Living Spaces

Whether you live in an assisted living facility, a small house, or a studio apartment, sometimes, finding a way to fit everything in a small living space is a headache. However, a challenge doesn’t mean impossible! Sometimes a little challenge can spice things up and make life more interesting.  


That’s what makes interior design fun when you’re working with a small space—coming up with ways to maximize the amount of living space you have with clever tips and tricks. To help you get the most out of your little living space, here are some useful interior design tips for you to try out.


Maximize Walls


When designing a home, all too often we only take the floor space into consideration and forget entirely about vertical space. Using your walls and even ceilings is a great way to save your floor space and make your home feel much bigger. Lifting your belongings and keeping them on wall-mounted storage or hanging organizers will make your space feel much bigger and less cramped. 


Use Room Dividers


For extremely small living spaces where your living room bedroom and kitchen are all within a few steps of each other, you may want to consider using room dividers. Room dividers trick the eye into making a space look separate from itself. For example, if you have a bed behind your couch in your living room, placing a room divider can make it feel like a separate bedroom.


Choose Light Colors


The darker colors that you use, the more space the darkness will soak up. When working with a small space you want to use lighter colors to make a room feel bigger. Think white, creams, and light grays. All of these light colors will reflect off of themselves and make a room feel twice as big thanks to the power of light.


Use Mirrors


One of the best-kept secrets of interior designers for making a space look bigger is using mirrors throughout the home. Mirrors can significantly expand the space and strategically create a sense of depth. Placing a large mirror on the wall of the small room can totally transform it making it seem 10 times bigger than its actual size. Some people even go as far as choosing mirrored furniture which can add a splash of elegance to even the simplest living quarters.




When it comes to small living spaces, clutter is your worst enemy. You want to make sure that you keep all of your surfaces and counters as clear as possible to avoid your space looking chaotic. 


Keep only the essentials out where you can see them, and keep the rest of your belongings and drawers, or stored away on shelves. Regularly assess the items that you have sitting out and ask yourself whether they’re really necessary, or whether it’s possible to put them away until you need them.