5 Lab Diamond Gift Ideas under 500 GBP

Diamonds are a timeless gift for anyone. You could be gifting a loved one, friend, and family for absolutely any occasion and yet a diamond will still seem like the perfect gift. But since budget is an issue with diamond purchases, here are 5 lab grown diamond gift ideas that won’t cost you a dime over 500 GBP. Lab grown diamonds are prices much lesser than organic diamonds and offer a huge variety in not just jewellery but gift items as well. With a lab grown diamond gift idea, you can save money and still end up with a lovely gift for your people.


Diamond bracelets have a special place in a woman’s jewellery collection. There are so many designs from delicate to chunky bracelets in the market today and you could have a blast choosing from them for a special woman in your life. In fact, since bracelets as a gift do not have any romantic feelings attached to them, you could gift it to a friend or colleague as well. Depending on the design their prices might vary, but a lot of them, especially delicate and less studded ones can be found under 500 GBP.

Infinity ring

Infinity rings are beautiful and symbolize the permanency of a relation. The ring is an entire loop covered with lab grown diamonds. They look trendy with any outfit and can be used on a regular basis as well. As these Lab grown diamonds rings look super studded, one might feel that they must be heavily priced as well, but that isn’t the case. Lab grown diamond rings are very affordable and make the perfect gift for any loved ones. A lot of them are unisex, so they can be gifted to both men and women in your life.

Diamond studded fountain pen

Wanting to gift a colleague at work but not sure what to buy? How about a diamond studded fountain pen? It is an option that is classy, useful and one that will remind them of you. You can get studded fountain pens in posh stationary stores or you could get one custom-made as well. If you’re planning to go the extra length, you could have it engraved too. This makes a great corporate gift.

Diamond brooch

Who doesn’t love brooches? The best part about them is that they never go out of style. Brooches look beautiful all by themselves but a diamond studded brooch is just a class apart. It will go wonderfully with any attire, especially a professional one. Since they are worn by both men and women, you could select the design accordingly and buy one as a gift.

Mobile cover

Most people these days value their mobile cover as much as the phone itself. Since the covers are meant to show off one’s decorative side, a diamond studded mobile cover could be a great gift. Depending on how flashy or simple one likes it, you could buy one or get it made according to the personality of the person you want to gift it to.

The designs and diamonds for these gifts will decide their exact price, but they’re most definitely going to be under 500 GBP. These cost-effective, yet elegant gifts are sure to make your loved ones feel really special. Also, if you’re planning to propose your partner, then Lab grown engagement rings should be on your priority list. They’re cheaper than organic diamond rings and look exactly the same. Check them out too while you’re at it.