5 Methods To Develop Interesting Ideas For Your Blog Posts

Many people want to start a blog, but they do not have the courage or ideas about it. For everyone who plans to become a blogger, here is how you should start.

How To Choose A Blog Theme

The first and most important thing is to understand what you will be telling your readers. Here are some tips for finding “your” topics.

1- Analyze Your Social Network

If you have a personal page on social networks, then look through your posts: perhaps there are some topics that you wrote about more often and more willingly. It means that it interests you a lot.

2- Find Your Area Of Interest

Analyze where you usually invest a lot of time, attention, and energy. In what area are you interested in developing and learning new things. 

3- Tell Your Story

If you have had some important experience in your life – this can also become the topic of one of the headings. Start telling your story and you will find people who will be interested in reading it.

4- Write On Topics That Motivates You

Think about what you would like to have the most in life. For example, if you are a student who struggles in academia. You can write in the blog: “Where to get assignment writing help in the UK.” Thus, the blog will be an additional motivator for you.

You will regularly write posts about your successes or failures, and in return, you will receive support and feedback from the audience.

Methods To Develop Interesting Ideas For Blog Post

Let’s take a look at five ways to find and generate interesting ideas for texts. In fact, of course, there are many more ways. But for a novice author to get out of the stupor and start coming up with topics, this amount is enough. 

Method Number 1: Description Of Events In Your Life

For example, you took a test drive or bought a new phone model. Describe your impressions; make a comparison with the previous model. Tell the audience about the three features of the original product that impressed you, list the three shortcomings that you found. All these are different topics; for each, you can make a separate post.

Method Number 2: Live Observation Of Other People

Maybe you can give the phone to someone from the older generation of your family – then you can write how he dealt with the new gadget. Or you bought a new device for a child – here you can make a whole report. How many minutes it took a child to get used to the phone, what functions he started using first of all, etc.

Method Number 3: Monitoring News On The Topic

Use the news as an inspiration for posts – it’s a never-ending source of ideas for new posts. Discuss news with subscribers; compare the current state of affairs with what was before. Let’s say Samsung released three colors of the flagship model, and in previous years there were more colors – what could be the reason? Or why students look for dissertation writing services more often?

Method Number 4: Search For Contradictions, Reasons For Discussion

Write posts on topics that usually have strong opinions for and against – and discuss it with your subscribers. Controversial issues encourage people to engage in discussion. The clearest idea for a gadget discussion is the evergreen question of which brand has made the cooler model for the new season: Samsung or Apple?

Method Number 5: Funny Content On Your Topic

You can find it both in real life and simply on the Internet: various memes, comics, funny, or tragicomic stories that are related to the topic. Reasonable proportions of humor are appropriate for almost any topic.

Final Words

However, all these methods will not be very effective if you do not develop your power of observation. A careful blogging eye will help you find interesting stories and topics in literally every square centimeter of reality. Get an idea pad so you can jot down little things about the topics. Each of these little things can be either an interesting detail for a new post or an idea for an original publication.