5 Minutes To Lose Weight: These 5 Exercises May Be Best For Indian Women

It is difficult to have children and lose weight after marriage, but for Indian women, these five exercise methods have proven to be the best.

Many times women say that they are having problems losing weight. In India, the problem of obesity is increasing very much and this problem increases even more after marriage and children. Taking care of the rest of the people, you may not be able to make time for yourself or it may be that your genes will be obese or your lifestyle has become such that you are finding it difficult to lose weight easily.

If you have this problem too, then especially Indian women can do some special exercises which will be helpful in reducing their fat. The good thing is that all these exercises will have to be done only 5-5 minutes a day. The best thing is that for all these you do not need to go to the gym and they can easily happen at home.

5 Exercises Fat Loss Workout For INDIAN WOMEN


Pranayama and Yoga are always considered to be the best option and it is very good for fitness. You will know the benefits of Kapalbhati Pranayama. It is also good for purification from the inside. This is not only beneficial because it is good for the breath and it relieves mental stress, but it is also beneficial because it eliminates tummy fat. If you want to reduce your stomach for a long time, then do Kapalbhati Pranayama between 5-15 minutes a day. Start this exercise and within a few weeks, you will see such an effect in the stomach that you will never leave it.

Towel Roll below the Belly Button

You might have felt strange to hear its name. This is also an Asian technique. This is a Japanese technique that helps in reducing weight after pregnancy. A soft towel is placed under its belly button. It is lying on the back. Japanese doctor Toshiki Fukutsuji’s book tells about it. The meaning of this exercise is that if a woman is not able to lose weight due to her poor posture then she can do this work. It has to roll the soft towels in the same way as seen in the photo and keep it on the opposite side (below the back) of the belly button, lying on your back. This will increase your flexibility and correct bad posture. According to Dr. Toshiki, it is helpful in reducing weight for Kelly Clarkson Weight.

Knee Stretching and Exercise –

Exercises for the toning of feet are beneficial not only for the feet but also almost everywhere. If you have leg pain and obesity in your body, then they will be beneficial, in addition, obesity also reduces gradually with their help. Once you ask a fitness trainer from a physiologist to do these exercises and then just do them 5 minutes a day. Gradually you will see that weight is being lost.

  1. Squats-

In this regard, perhaps fitness experts around the world will have the same opinion that with the help of squats, extra weight is lost and it is very important for your body toning. Everything from the stomach to the hips and the toning of the feet is done by it. Along with this, it also helps in strengthening the knees. If you cannot do it for a long time, then you should not, but still, you can do it for 5 minutes a day.

  1. Leg Rais-

Leg raises can be a great exercise to reduce belly and increase the flexibility of your legs. If this is done frequently then it can be very beneficial especially for the stomach. Your abs will be made quicker than this and if there is stubborn fat that is not going to end for a long time, then it will also be easily done by this exercise.

Just lie down on the ground and raise your legs together. Then bring it back down. Do this work only for 5 minutes a day. Meanwhile, you will do this at least 30-50 times. Within a few days, your stomach fat will be reduced.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind that Indian women also gain weight due to their lifestyle. So keep yourself motorized and start exercising slowly every day.