5 Mixed Metal Engagement Rings Options For Those Who Want Something Unusual

We are all unique, there isn’t another human being who is identical to you, and in many ways, we try to express our uniqueness. If you are planning an engagement, this is a great opportunity to show how you are a unique person by designing your own diamond ring. If you have a passion for gold and platinum, for example, it is possible for a custom jeweller to design and create a stunning engagement ring.

Mixed Metal Is Trending

2023 seems to be the year for blending precious metals and gemstones to create one-off engagement and wedding rings. With that in mind, here are a few mixed metal engagement ring ideas to contemplate.

  • Rose & White Gold With Diamond Cluster – Imagine a 14k rose gold band with a white gold setting for a central diamond with a small cluster of coloured pave diamonds. This design would go with princess cut diamond engagement rings by a leading custom jeweller. The two spectrums of gold work perfectly with the diamonds, bringing out a dazzling sparkle factor, with loose stones acquired on the wholesale market.
  • Cathedral Diamond Ring With Pave Diamond Band – With 18K yellow gold for the band and white gold for the setting, add a central brilliant round cut diamond, with paving stones on either side for a truly unique diamond engagement ring. An Elizabethan look that perfectly showcases high-quality cut diamonds and the custom jeweller can build a 3D image of the ring prior to actually making it. You can browse every aspect and make subtle changes. The entire process of design can be done via Zoom calls, then the expert can work his magic and in a short time, the ring will be ready for a physical inspection.
  • White & Rose Gold Entwined With A Diamond Cluster – No central diamond, rather an intricate cluster of small stones and the band are entwined white & rose gold. This stunning piece attracts the eye of the beholder and is perfect for the girl who sets trends. The band could be inlaid rather than entwined, showing a contrast as a platform for the stunning diamond cluster. Take a look at the creations of engagement ring designer Sydney or couples in your city go for. Search online for one of the largest gemstone dealers in your area with a custom engagement ring service.
  • Art Deco Pink-Purple Diamond Arrangement – If colour is important, this could be the right design for you. You can have a square pink diamond with a marquess cut central diamond and purple pave stones in an intricate pattern, with a yellow gold setting on a white gold band. When you make an enquiry with a leading custom jeweller, they can help you find the right combination and design. The jeweller has access to wholesale markets where high-quality diamonds can be acquired in loose, uncut form.
  • Solitaire Diamond On A Platinum-Rose Gold Band – A simplistic yet stunning arrangement of platinum and rose gold set the scene for a single round-cut clear diamond. Perfect for the elegant woman – sophistication with a touch of sparkle – and the band says it all. Talk to a custom jeweller about mixing metals with engagement rings and be prepared to view some stunning images of previous projects

The great thing about custom jewellery is that you get to design every aspect of the piece, from the precious metals to the gemstones and setting. If you would like to take the first step to creating your dream diamond engagement ring with mixed metals, start by searching online for a leading custom jeweller and let the professional help you design the ultimate mixed metal diamond engagement ring, something that you can treasure forever.