5 Myths Tiny Home Builders Suggest You Not To Believe

Tiny Home Builders

Shifting to tiny living isn’t a small decision and certainly not an easy one. Like any other industry, as this trend starts to grow, the criticizers have increased as well. In this article, we have shortlisted some of the things you might have heard about tiny houses that aren’t true at all. Here is the list of things that tiny home builders suggest you not believe.

Living Tiny Will Be a Lot of Work

Now, this myth does not have any argument to it. The time required to clean the space alone is enough to question its credibility. Additionally, the tiny house is spread over the area of a few hundred square feet, so you can imagine how much work it will require. More so, living in a tiny home decreases the spending on utilities, furniture, electronics, and other household items. Therefore, you don’t have to worry as it will reduce the task list by half.

You Have To Give Up Everything

This is one of the biggest concerns for people looking for tiny houses for sale. But, let’s get one thing straight. Downsizing does not mean you have to give up all your possessions. However, you do have to make small compromises. When you go tiny, the decision is in your hand to decide what things you need to keep. You have to give up a lot of things, but don’t go too overboard with it and keep the things that are of regular use.

You Can’t Have Guests Over

Another myth that people have wrapped their heads around is that you cannot accommodate guests in a tiny house. In a tiny house, you may not be able to host a gathering for 50 guests, but you can entertain a small party. Furthermore, if you have any guests coming for a stay, you can have a daybed for them in your living room that you can convert into a comfortable couch in the daytime. Therefore, if you are searching for tiny houses near me, then don’t get swayed by this misconception as with smart planning, you can overcome this issue.

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Tiny Houses Are Only Suitable For Singles

Even if you are married and have kids, you can live in a tiny home. Modern designs suggested by Supreme Tiny Houses have multiple floor plans that can have room for kids and guests. Furthermore, many people believe that tiny homes are for young people, which isn’t true. If you are getting older and thinking tiny homes are suitable for you, then there are a lot of single-floor options for you.

You Don’t Need Permit If the House Is Under Certain Size

Permits are usually needed for properties where risks are involved in the size and structure. Many people would think that it’s not going to be a problem with tiny homes, but it isn’t the reality. Laws regarding the permit vary in each state and city. However, a permit is going to be necessary if you want to live in a tiny house. More so, it is for your safety.

These are some of the misconceptions that every modern tiny home builder can guarantee to have no truth to them. So, we recommend if you want to move to tiny living, contact a builder to discuss your concerns rather than listening to the rumors.