5 Top Tips for Hosting a Truly Fabulous Housewarming Party

Many people across the country have experienced trials and tribulations in recent times, meaning that there has never been a better time for a party, regardless of the reason to celebrate.

Moving to a new house, however, whether that be as a solo adventure or with your entire family and small children in tow, is certainly worth celebrating, and as such, here are five top tips for hosting a truly fabulous housewarming party.


1.Make Sure Every Single Room is On Point 


Now, first and foremost and indeed, perhaps most importantly of all, an essential component of a successful housewarming party is a full tour of the house and backyard.

Due to this, you need to make absolutely sure that every single room and, of course, the front and back gardens, are not only looking clean, tidy, and aesthetically impressive, but that they all showcase your personality and style with the design and décor too. 

2.Hire Professional Outside Caterers

Take the stress, not to mention the huge amount of time and effort, out of preparing delicious and enticing dishes ahead of your housewarming by hiring professional outside caterers.

Gourmet catering solutions, such as that offered by Riverhouse Catering, either at your own venue or one of theirs, will make sure that everyone is catered for, from children to anyone who has specific dietary requirements.

3.Create a Customized Playlist

These days, it is easy and, indeed, speedy to create any kind of playlist for literally any occasion, with streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify (to name just two), and no housewarming party is complete without hours and hours of pre-planned housewarming tunes.

The idea here is to create a fun, lighthearted, and happy atmosphere through the music, with some excellent tunes ideal for a housewarming including, amongst many others, the following:

  • ‘Together Again’ by Janet Jackson
  • ‘Switch’ by Will Smith
  • ‘Hey Mama’ by OutKast
  • ‘Charlie’s Angels’ by Destiny’s Child


4.Hand Out Party Favors

  • Not only will cute little party favors as gifts for the guests as they leave be a great way to finish the evening, but they will also serve as a reminder of the new chapter you are starting and how much you appreciate your friends and family members sharing this with you. 

Think cute, inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts, such as new-key shaped bottle-openers or gingerbread house baking kits, for an edible and festive gift if your party is around Christmastime.


5.Consider Creating an Online Registry for Gifts 


The fifth and final piece of advice for throwing the ultimate in housewarming parties is to go all-out luxury and create an online gift registry.

Now, if you are much more of a laidback person with a bohemian vibe and carefree attitude, then this may well not be the right choice for you, but if you are planning on a glamorous party, then an online registry will certainly elevate the celebration to the next level.