5 Vital Safety Tips Every Pillion Rider Should Know

This article is about the importance of safety while riding a bike. It is important for pillion riders to know the basics of safety while riding.

Don’t we all just love bike rides? Well, there’s nothing better than sharing the ride with someone sitting at the back of the motorcycle. But how often do we consider taking safety measures?

While Bike taxi might be cheap, and even more so with Rapido coupons, maintaining road safety is essential. It is therefore equally important for the pillion rider and the rider to take safety precautions. So next time, whether you ride a bike or sit in the back seat, be it a short trip or a lengthy one, make sure you and your loved ones follow these basic safety tips. 

Listed below are some safety tips to make sure you and your pillion are safe and have a good time.

  1. Please Wear Helmets

Before going on a ride make sure you’re wearing protective gear. Helmets are life-saving guards. No wonder why there are so many campaigns urging riders to wear helmets. This allows for riding in all weather conditions and protects not only from crashes but also from tiny bumps.

However, the helmet must be of high quality and worn with the fitting belt. Well, you can count on these types of equipment if you’re considering long rides as well – helmets for both riders, goggles for protecting your eyes from dust and grit, boots, jacket, and hand gloves.

Riders, please make sure you and your loved ones always wear helmets while riding.

  1. Be Safe And Don’t Distract

If you’re riding on the back of a motorcycle, try not to move too much. Any sudden unnecessary movement might be distracting and toss off the bike’s balance, causing both of you to fall. In case of any discomfort, instead of moving restlessly, make sure to communicate it to the rider. Riders must be extra cautious when an old person, a patient, or children are sitting on the back.

  1. When On Road Be Alert 

Despite not riding the bike, it’s important that pillion riders remain alert as well. Check the road for any pits and bumpers. The rider may probably miss the pothole and crash into a boulder. But, if pillion riders are alert, many unfortunate incidents can be avoided.

  1. Little Talk Can Be Dangerous

It’s challenging to hear while riding. Talking a lot may divert some of the rider’s focus from the road;  a risk you can’t afford to take.

  1. Some Don’ts You Need to Take Care Of 

Pillion riders, here are some don’ts that can go a long way in making your journey safe and enjoyable.

  • Don’t lean or doze off on the rider
  • No nudging or whispering, communicate loud enough
  • Don’t cling to the rider’s clothes
  • Avoid leaning in the other direction when the rider is angling the motorcycle around a turn
  • Don’t tickle the rider, please
  • Avoid leaning backward
  • On a moving bike, you should never stand up, or swing your legs or arms
  • Ask the rider before getting off the bike.

By adhering to these safety tips, you can significantly increase your safety as a pillion rider. Make sure to share these suggestions with your loved ones. And don’t forget to use these tips on your next ride. Have a safe ride, fellas!