5 ways to turn a scanned image into text

Image to text conversion is one of the most important conversions that you might have to do today. It doesn’t matter whether you have business documents, health related papers, or educational material written by hand, and you can easily extract text from image by using different techniques and tools. Here in this pot we are going to throw light on the top five easy ways to turn a scanned image into text.

Five easy ways to convert image to text without any hassle 

In the past there was no such way of extracting text from an image and so people had to manually type readable text on a word file manually. This was both time taking and effort consuming. But today you don’t have to worry about getting into the hassle to convert image to text. You can do it quickly and for free by using the below discussed methods.


Microsoft offers many free applications today and one of the popular ones is OneNote. This is one of the best solutions to have to convert an image to text. The reason is that this software program contains a built in text scanner from image which is powered by OCR technology. Now you must know that because of the optical character recognition function you can easily redeem all sorts of text from an image as well as from handwritten notes. The image to text feature is widely being used today by students who create hand notes!

Use Google Docs

Another easy  and famous way to convert an image to text is with the help of Google docs. Google docs is one of the tools powered by Google. This is actually a document creation tool which serves many other purposes. If you are interested to convert image to text online then this might be a good option for you. You can upload the image having text on it on Google drive and open it with Google docs. The tool would change the image to docx format and would get you all the text in less than seconds.

Use online image to text converters

If you want to extract or convert each and every letter from an image then you need to use a solid option. The modern image to text converter online free tools can help you with accurate conversions as they use OCR and AI technology for this conversion. You can find hundreds of online free image to text online converter tools that can help you change all sorts of images having text on them to text or word format. You just need a solid web connection and a browser to utilize these converters.

Use windows’ OCR feature

If you don’t have a web connection then you can rely on Windows to convert image to text online. The latest versions of Windows would provide you image conversion features. You can search for the in-built photo to text converter on windows and upload the image having text on it. The Ocr software would detect all the text in the image and would extract it for you in an editable format.

Use document scanner apps on mobile

If you have a scanned image having text on it saved on your mobile then you can get the photo to text converter online applications. There are hundreds of OCR apps that you can install on your mobile for this purpose. You can convert scanned images to text with these apps or you can also scan documents and get the text afterwards. This is an easy and free way to scan and extract text from image.

These are the top five ways we would suggest you try if you want to convert image to text online!