6 budget friendly gift ideas to fill your bag with on this Diwali

I know that all festivals are great, but the feeling that Diwali brings to the house is unwatchable. Diwali is a grand festival, and everything about it is so celebratory that with Diwali around the corner, everyone seems excited. Even the lights are brighter, and the laughs are louder. We all love this festival and the customs that follow it. Right from cleaning the house and making it spotless and festive ready, to buying new clothes to rock on the D- day, celebrations are at the peak. One such custom that Diwali includes is that you get to buy gifts for your loved one budget friendly gift ideas, and you receive some exciting gifts in return. Now, who does not like gifts, right? This is one big reason why people eagerly wait for Diwali. I don’t know about adults, but kids love it for the same reason.

Whether you know it or not, people are making high expectations for your Diwali gifts. So, you should make an ideal choice while picking presents for your loved ones. Do gifts remind you of your budget? I know, budget is a big alert that keeps raising the alarm whenever you see shiny classy gifts while wandering in the market. Let me clarify, if you have the right ideas, you can buy some heartwarming gift and still stay on budget. Here are some affordable Diwali gift ideas that you can buy for anyone. They will fit in any type of budget you have in your mind.

Scented candles set

Scented candles are one of the most sold gifts because this gift suits best when looking for a budget-friendly gift for anyone. As we all are aware that Diwali is the festival of light and anything that glows is ideal for this festival. So, candles make just the gift that you need to make the festival more brotherly. We burn diyas and candles at our place to mark the celebrations, thus candles can be a useful gift in any way. The good thing is that candles are variable in so many different varieties. You can buy any type of candles, choosing different shapes and sizes. The best ones are the scented ones. Scented candles are a great gift because it makes the whole place aromatic. Also, the gift is suitable to be presented to anyone, be it very formal or person. It does not look cheap, in fact is a very classy and thoughtful gift that will be useful even when in abundance.

Sweet treats

If you want a Diwali gift idea that is more promising, then you can buy sweet treats for your loved ones. When Diwali is approaching, the whole country turns into a sweets factory, and you will not have difficulty in finding sweets for Diwali. This means, be it any part of India you are stuck on Diwali, you can still have your hands on a pleasing gift that is Diwali sweets budget friendly gift ideas. Sweet treats are an important part of the celebration because starting the celebrations with something sweet is considered auspicious. So, you can buy a box of sweets for your dear ones. Also, sweets like gulab jamun, rasgullas, motichoor ladoos, Kaju Barfi, are soothing that everyone likes. This type of gift is consumable that won’t go waste and is budget-friendly too.

Dinner set

If you want your Diwali gift to be useful as well as under budget, then a dinner set will be a great option. You get ample choices when looking for a luxe dinner set without paying fortunes. Look out for a trendy design that is ideal for everyday use. Material plays a huge role to make your gift look luxe or cheap. Avoid buying a dinner set made with plastic as it is not very durable and also looks cheapest budget friendly gift ideas.

Basket of Happiness

When you cannot shortlist one gift that will work well, I would suggest you pack various happiness in one single basket. If you have ever received a basket of happiness, then you must be aware of what I’m talking about. Prepare a basket with little treats like chocolate boxes, brownies, candies, cookies, chips, Diwali sweets, and so on. Things that we commonly like to consume while snaking. Get the mini version of all these items and wrap it up to make a cute gifting basket for your favorite people. You may think that so many items may cost you double, but it does not. Baskets will cost very reasonable, and you can vary the products in it according to your budgets. Replace anything that is too expensive. Also, you can alter the size of the basket according to budget friendly gift ideas.

These are a few Diwali gift ideas that will be under your budget. You don’t need to make huge expenses when you are sticking to these budget-friendly ideas.

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