6 Effective WordPress SEO Plugins That You Should Use

Nowadays, when the competition is soaring high, and everyone wants to be ahead of their competitor then they use all tips and tricks to keep themselves top in the search ranking. Hence, every website owner wants their website to be on the top list in google search and the correct tools and apt strategies can help the website to appear in Google search promptly. Hence, the companies are quite effectively looking to hire WordPress Developers, as the websites developed on the WordPress platform are quite SEO friendly.

Usually, the websites which are not as per the standards, lack the organic growth does not perform at all in the SEO ranking and here comes the role of WordPress SEO plugins. There are many factors which help in improving the ranking like the size of the image file, if the content is readable enough or not, keywords being used for description of products and related blogs. WordPress Development Company knows enough about the strategy to be followed to increase the appearance of the website.


This refers to the tools which are when added to the WordPress site then it improvises overall look and functioning of the website and increases the efficiency. In fact, more than one plugin can be easily added and that to without having any knowledge of coding. If one checks the WordPress repository then one can see that more than 55k plugins are available to use. Most of them are free and some premium ones are payable.

The SEO plugins help to fetch some important details about the website like backlinks, content details, checklists for audits, sitemaps etc which ultimately gives us an idea on how the website is performing online. WordPress provides a number of different plugins which helps to increase the visitors for the website. Below we will be discussing some important and popular WordPress plugins.


  • All in One SEO

It is considered as one of the best plugins for WordPress and quite easy to use. Also, it is known as the best marketing tooling kit which works with the only motto to keep up the ranking of the website on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). It is already used by over 2+ million users. Also, it has the easiest set-up wizard and selects the SEO settings by default. It was found in 2007 and since then, millions of users have trusted this plugin. Some of the major features are listed below:

a) One gets an ample number of keyword options, Google site links, SEO sitemaps and many other features.

b) SEO at multiple location

c)Images by defaults ranks higher due to Automatic Image SEO

d)Facilitates on-page SEO optimization

e) Detailed analysis of the content and its readability using TruSEO feature

f) Schema of Advance SEO

g) Built in social-media integration which adds Open Graph Meta data also. So, one can select the thumbnail image when the related post is shared on social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest etc.

h) For e-commerce websites, it has built-in WooCommerce SEO tools which includes different attributes like SEO of the product image, Optimization of a specific product page, Dynamic optimizations, and other many features.

i) Security level is that the business owner has access to the crucial SEO features without handing over the complete control of the website.

Hence, All In One SEO is considered as one of the user-friendly tools and suits all kinds of businesses like Blogs, e-commerce etc.

  • Yoast SEO

It is another one of the best SEO plugins and will guide the website to reach the topmost position. It explores the website in detail and then sorts out the factors which are responsible for lowering the rank and also suggests the possible SEO improvisation steps. Other important features of Yoast plugin is mentioned below:

a) It helps to manage the URLs, Page Titles, Meta descriptions very easily.

b) The plugin is updated automatically every two weeks.

c)It has the best support and resources comparatively.

d)It also detects the plagiarism content on your website or your post.

e) One can check how the Google search result will actually look and then can adjust the meta-description accordingly.

f) One can easily type and check the optimization of the keyword.

g) Google Search Console helps the users to authenticate the website and utilize its strong SEO data by copy and pasting the HTML codes.

h) Automatic XML Sitemap gets updated itself whenever the new content is published on the website.

i)All the pages have the readability check and suggest if the paragraph is to be segregated at any place.

j) This plugin facilitates changing the robots.txt which manages the performance of search engines in the form of which sites they can run and which they cannot.

k) The redirect features of Yoast are commendable.

  • Re-Direction

It is available for free from the WordPress directory and helps the users to manage the redirects which means the users are forced and directed towards the new URL from the retired one. Overall, it helps to prevent the 404-error message. Some of the other features are mentioned here:

a) It is comparatively secure than other plugins

b) It is quite easy to use and also receives the updates regularly.

c) Provides help for 4XX status codes.

d) Gives an extended support for the direct 3XX.

e) Plugin helps to reduce the errors of 4XX and then implement the 3XX redirects.

f) The integration of Apache and Nginx is well supported by the Redirection plugin.

  • SEO Press

It is again a free and premium All In One SEO WordPress plugin without advertisements. It is a very manageable plugin as it is quite simple, fast yet powerful and helps to manage the meta descriptions and data for the blogs, website content, different web pages etc.

Some other major features of SEO Press is jotted down:

a) Social Preview of Facebook and Twitter

b) 404 monitoring and redirects

c) XML sitemaps for Google and Videos

d) Easy Digital Download optimization and WooCommerce are the in-built features.

e) Allows Google Analytics to track the performance of the website in few seconds.

f) Integration will third-party APIs is allowed here

g) One can check the quality of the pages through Google Page Speed v5 integration.

h) Facebook Open Graph Data and Twitter Meta Tags are supported by this plugin.

i) Local business SEO is supported by the Plugin.

  • Rank Math

It is a free WordPress plugin which optimizes the website for social media as well as the search engines. Considered as one of the best plugins available in the market currently which supports the optimization of content of the website. Even the titles and meta descriptions can be optimized with a snippet view. Also, if one uses this plugin then it does not affect the speed as it is optimized for increasing the speed only. Some other major features are stated below:

a) Supports Twitter card and Open Graph

b) Very simple and understandable User Interface

c) pre-built 404 monitor which detects the errors and highlights them.

d) In-built Redirection module which redirects URL in case of error.

e) Considered as a one-stop solution for all kinds of SEO related needs.

f) Supports multiple rich snippets

g) Optimizes limitless keywords

h) Integration with the Google Analytics

i) Google Keyword Ranking monitors the ranking of the keywords

j) LSI Keyword Tool

k) Google Search Console Integration saves a lot of time.

l) The overall process is very easy to follow, set up and the wizard for configuration.

  • Squirrly SEO

It is a unique WordPress SEO tool powered with AI. It is Saas+ plugin which helps to increase viewership of the website. Some of the major features of Squirrly SEO are given below:

a) Provides Sitemap XML

b) More than 300 SEO functionalities

c) As it is AI enabled, so the processes gets automated

d)Tools to analyze how the competitors are doing and how to outrank them.

e) When one is writing the article, keyword optimization is done by default.

f) Even if one decides upon switching to another SEO plugin, this plugin keeps the setting as per previous set up.

g) The overall progress of the website is regularly monitored. And the content is also improvised with time.

h) The plugin is eligible enough to optimize the content of the site using the option of Live assistant.

i) Navigation of the Google Ranking factors follows an easy method.


The above points state different kinds of features of various WordPress SEO Plugins and selection of the efficient plugin depends on the needs of an individual. Every plugin has some or other distinguishing features and some may be useful to one and some may be for others, thus the user should always check the reviews before deciding upon it. If one categorizes then every plugin is best in their own field like SEO framework is the best lightweight plugin, Rank Math is best All in one SEO plugin, Ahrefs is best All in one SEO tool and similarly it applies for rest of the plugins. Every company has different SEO needs so they should decide accordingly.

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