6 Things to Do during Al Ain Tour

Al Ain is a city that is blessed with a lot of greenery and scenic beauty, giving it the title of Garden City.  The city has its share of historical sites that will give you a good idea of the history of the UAE. Are you planning for an Al Ain tour? Bravo, as we going to share information on the 6 things you can do on your visit to the city. Have we managed to ignite your curiosity?  Let us get straight into the details.

  • Al Ain Palace Museum

The Palace Museum has a rich Bedouin design that will grab your attention right away.  The museum also has a beautiful garden and has assorted trees and plants. Initially serving as a palace, it was turned into a museum in the year 2001. The museum has interesting collections of artworks in the form of historic artifacts and photographs. This is the ideal place for you to go and get a glimpse of the rich history of the UAE.

  • Hilli Archaeological Park

This park has beautiful monuments that date all the way back to approximately 2000 BCE. The main attraction in the park is a big circular tomb, it has two entry points and they are beautifully decorated with animal and human figurines. The park is home to some of the early settlements that go back to the Bronze Age.

  • Qasr Al Muwaiji

The Al Ain city tour does cover this place which is considered an artistic masterpiece and has been declared a heritage site by UNESCO.  The traditional architecture of the place will immediately transport you to the olden days. This venue also has interesting exhibits that showcase the history of the various rulers of Abu Dhabi.

  • Secret Oasis At Remah Desert

This oasis is a must-visit for all tourists, if you love being in the middle of scenic natural beauty do go to this place. However, you must remember that to gain access to this place, you must stay at the Telal luxury resort. Do not forget to take pictures when you are here, the beautiful place is definitely worth capturing.

  • Al Jahili Fort

The origins of this fort go back to 1891 and back then it was home to Sheikh Zayed. The place is very tranquil and it has a beautiful garden. This place used to serve as a protective fort against any foreign invasion. The exhibits inside this grand fort showcase the adventures of the British Empire who would try to explore the desert and what they discovered. This will also give you a lot of information on the origins of the UAE.

  • Camel Market

Though this is the last name on the list, it certainly does not fall far behind when it comes to offering a memorable experience in terms. The of tourism. This will also give you a rare chance to witness the local culture.  The good thing about this market is that you can enter it without paying any entry fee. People from all sections of society flock here to sell and purchase camels.

So, these are the top 6 things you can do on your visit to Al Ain. You can book tickets for these trips online, but be sure to book them early as the slots get filled out fast. If you have selected a slot that is not available for some reason, you will be provided with an alternative by your tour operator. Read the terms and conditions for cancellation before you book a particular tour before you book. Remember to respect the local customs of the UAE, certain places have restrictions on dress and photography, so you need to keep them in mind before you go ahead with your trip. Also, hire a reliable tour operator who will make sure you have a good trip and will not charge you silly money. Now, that you are equipped with the right information it is time you plan your tour accordingly.