6 Tips for Driving a Luxury Car in Dubai

Dubai is a fabulous place for tourists who can spend quality time visiting beautiful attractions. It has plenty of restaurants, resorts and shopping malls exclusively created for tourism. When you reach Dubai, you will come across so many places that it will be tricky to visit them all on your vacations. Therefore, you must plan your trip before reaching the metropolis. Then after spending time at all the recreational facilities, you can decide about the additional ones. However, to make your travelling super-smooth you will need a luxury car.

Therefore, you must contact premium car rental Dubai for receiving the car of your choice before you come to the metropolitan. The rental auto will keep you satisfied because of the freedom it has to offer. Hence you won’t have to travel on subways or buses. Moreover, it will add joy to your journeys because of the comfort it provides. When you travel in one of the premium automobiles, you can also make graceful impressions on the people around you. Behind the wheels of luxury cars, you can visit destinations like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina and The Dubai Mall whenever you like. You can even book a desert safari with a luxury SUV. Therefore keeping all the above points in mind, we are providing five tips for renting a luxury car in Dubai.

1. You Must Have a Valid Driving License

Before you contact a car rental company, you must make sure you have a valid driving license. So that when you drive a rented auto, you must have all the legal documents with you. Hence whenever the police have to ask you about a driving license, you will not face any difficulty. Moreover, it is also necessary to show your valid International Driving License and your country’s Driving Permit to the premium car rental Dubai before you rent a car.

2. Make Sure you Know the Traffic Rules

The number one thing you must know when renting a luxury car from a car rental company in Dubai is that you must be aware of the traffic rules and regulations. For instance, you must appropriately utilize your turn signals and watch the traffic light signals when driving. Moreover, you must have good knowledge of the various kinds of road signs in a metropolis. So you know the rules for driving the car on 14 lane highways. That will prevent you from any fines and penalties while driving on the roads.

3. Keep Distance

You must keep yourself safe by maintaining an adequate distance from the automobiles ahead of you. To maintain a proper distance, you must abide by the ‘3-second rule’. That suggests that your auto must be 3 seconds behind the vehicle, driving in front of you. In case a driver tries to move into space, you must have enough room to pull back and keep your car safe.

If you have rented the chauffeur-driven luxury car from premium car rental Dubai, you must advise the driver to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.

Driving tips for preventing Accidents

There are plenty of reasons because of which accidents occur on the roads of Dubai.

4. Difficult Visibility and Usage of Headlights

Cars with dark tinted windows have poor visibility at night, so avoid driving very close to those cars. Few drivers don’t turn on their automobile’s headlights. They think that they can view the road because of the street lights. Hence adapt the practice to drive safely. Moreover, turning on the lights is necessary because it can keep you visible to the other drivers on the road.

You can contact a premium car rental Dubai to rent a car for making sure you have a smooth driving experience in the city.

5. Overtaking and Changing Lanes

Overtaking of other autos is a norm in Dubai, although it is opposite to the rules. Be cautious of all the vehicles over-speeding by the side. A handy tip is that your side mirrors should be completely functional. Inspect the difficult to view spots before changing your lanes. Or when moving into the slip road.

Therefore, if you are a new driver, it is recommended that you must rent a chauffeur-driven auto from the premium car rental Dubai.

6. Over-Speeding

There are plenty of drivers who show off their fast cars on the roads of Dubai. They have big 4-wheel drive SUVs and high-performance sports automobiles that cruise to fast speeds. The over-speeding has been limited by the law by strict monitoring using speed detecting cameras. So the drivers can reduce their over-speeding. However, there is still an exception of high-speed car drivers who like to put a foot on the paddle.

To be on the safe side, you must contact a car rental company and receive a car with a chauffeur service so that the driver steers your vehicle securely.