6 Tips for Finding a Great Dentist


Dental health is incredibly important, as it is a major factor in a person’s overall health. Despite its importance, going to the dentist makes many people nervous. Routine checkups and treating small problems early are crucial in caring for a person’s teeth, so people must find a dentist that makes them feel comfortable.

There is more to finding a good dentist than searching Best Dentists Near Me. There are important factors to consider when searching for a new dentist that can go a long way in ensuring a person feels comfortable at their next dental appointment. Check out the tips below for more information on how to find a great dentist.

Ask For Referrals:

An excellent place to start when searching for a dentist is to ask friends, family, and healthcare providers for referrals. Ask for testimonials from each person to get a better idea of what to expect when making an appointment. After making a list of potential dentists, call each office and schedule an initial appointment to interview the dentist and ask any relevant questions. Be sure to check out online reviews for any dental offices you find, as well.

Check the Credentials:

If the list you have generated from referrals is fairly long, you can narrow it down by verifying the dentist’s credentials ahead of time. Dentists must be board certified in order to legally practice dentistry, so checking to make sure they have this certification is important. This certification tells you that they have the training, skills, and experience necessary to offer general dentistry services.

Ask About Experience:

Board certification is not the only thing that matters when choosing a dentist. Experienced dentists know how to handle patients who are nervous or need complex dental work. When interviewing a new dentist, ask what their experience with your specific needs is and be sure to inquire about their strategy for dealing with patients with anxiety around going to the dentist.

Consider Telehealth Capabilities:

Some dental conditions may not require an office visit every time and a dentist can diagnose and treat these conditions using telehealth communication methods. If this is an important factor for your dental health needs, be sure to ask about the dentist’s telehealth capabilities when interviewing them. Virtual visits are especially important in today’s digital-forward world, so the best dentists will have adapted their services accordingly.

Ask About Communication:

Communication style is a big deal when searching for a new dentist. If you can’t communicate your needs to your dentist effectively, then they can’t treat you effectively. When first meeting a dentist, be sure to take note of how they communicate with you and consider how their office communicates information like upcoming appointments and billing or insurance requirements.

Check Insurance Coverage:

Of course, it is critical to check insurance coverage before settling on a dentist. Dental services can be expensive, and you don’t want to get caught paying out-of-pocket for dental services if you have insurance that covers them. Check with the dental offices on your list to see who accepts your insurance.

The Bottom Line:

Taking care of your teeth is an integral part of keeping yourself healthy. Finding a great dentist is the best way to stay on top of dental health and ensure your smile is perfect for as long as possible. Use the tips above to find a great dentist.

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