6 Tips to Stay Connected with Latest Fashion

Fashion is a way to communicate with the world.  A way to express yourself and to make a good impression. According to Rachel Zoe “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. Fashion is undoubtedly a very vital part of a person’s life taking time and effort to give great results.  

With speedy trends and various styles to follow it can be a bit overwhelming at times. To make sure you stay fashionable effortlessly, we bring 6 tips that are easy and worth the time.

1.   Follow fashion events, websites, and magazines

Regardless of your style, it’s great to go through the latest fashion events and update your wardrobe. If you have an old polo shirt that you don’t want to let go of then that’s perfectly natural. Just add something trendy to it and you are good to go.

How? Watch shows, exhibitions and read magazines to get an insight on what’s trending and what’s out of date. Harper’s Bazar, Style Line, The fashion Magazine, Glamour, ELLE are a few of the options you can explore.

2.  Follow bloggers and find your style

The more you research, the more you know how a certain trend can be properly applied in real life. Read blogs, follow bloggers and try to find out how they put together an outfit.  Bloggers are innovative people who can bring trendy looks for you on a budget. They also give great pieces of advice on where to get good outfits from.

Depending on the way you prefer to dress up and your budget you can find influencers online and keep in touch. Chiara Ferragni, Sincerely Jules, Camila Coelho, etc. are some of the many influencers on Instagram that you can check to know what styles are trending.

3.  Follow celebs

It’s no secret that celebrities are the most fashionable people to exist. That is what makes them celebrities to some degree. From the Kardashians to singers like Miley Cyrus and models like Bella Hadid are all followed and loved by everyone.

Try to follow your favorite celebrities and see what they are wearing and how they style their outfits. What is worn by celebrities is always on top of all trends.

4.  Design your wardrobe

If you want to be trendy then you must keep your wardrobe updated. Give away old clothes that you no longer want and replace them with new latest fashion pieces. Keep basic timeless pieces with you so you can add trendy accessories to it and make new looks out of old outfits.

If you have a low budget then selling old clothes can help you save up for new ones. Certain trends repeat so you can shop at a thrift store too where you can find something latest with a very low price tag.

1.  Fake it till you make it

If you don’t know how you can pull off a risky look then check bloggers and girls your age around you to see how they carry it. Try to copy them and showoff as if it’s your own style. Pretending well for a long time will help you become used to the style and soon it will a part of you!

According to Ami Cuddy, you should fake it till you become, what you want to become. Faking can serve as practice and can help you see if you actually want that change or not.

2.  Be confident

The last tip is to be confident regardless of what trend you follow. Certain outfits are very daring and they require you to be fearless. If you believe in a look then eventually everyone will. Be confident because it’s the first thing people notice. Aprajita Shahi puts it like this “Confidence is your crown, wear it with grace”.


In this article, we took you through 6 tips to stay well connected with the latest fashion trends. These tips will help you plan your wardrobe each time, you want a change. There are tons of resources out there and even courses on fashion so we recommend you check them out and do what suits you the most.

If you are totally lost then consulting a professional can greatly help and there are stylists available as well. If you can afford then hiring a stylist can be a great option too.

Remember it’s you, who needs to be pleased so keep yourself in focus and wear what your heart desires.