7 Android Stock Apps You Need to Replace Right Now

Android has grown to be one of the finest smartphone operating systems in the world. This is simply because it offers a plethora of simple yet useful stock apps that have become a vital part of our everyday life. Read more about Zalgo Text Generator.

That being said, we don’t have to stay content with these pre-installed stock apps. There is a world of amazing apps that can offer enhanced functionality and can prove to be worthy replacements of these stock Android apps.

Today, we have gathered a list of some of the most basic Android stock apps that you may have believed had no viable alternatives. Well, there are, and we bring forth all of them here. Have a look:

Replace ‘Messages’ with ‘Textra’

You might have been using the Messages app on Android your entire journey but you do not need to stick with it anymore. Textra is an exceptional smartphone app that can prove to be the perfect substitute for Messages.

Textra features a lightweight design with an abundance of theme, color, and customization options. Moreover, the app lets you enjoy added features that you might not find in the stock Messages app. For instance, you can even cancel sending your message while it is being sent, and several other features await you on Textra.

Replace ‘Phone’ with ‘Contacts+’

You might ask that ‘How can you replace the most basic app on your smartphone?’, ‘Does it even have an alternate?” Well, the truth is it does have an alternate and it is better even. Contacts+ is the app you want as an alternative to your Phone app.

In addition to offering all the basic functionality of a stock app, Contacts+ offers some additional features that make the experience rather comfortable. Probably the best feature of this app is its ability to identify unknown callers. Moreover, it also allows you to scan business cards and automatically store them as contacts.

Replace ‘Google Chrome’ with ‘Brave Private Browser’

Google Chrome is the default browser app on all Android smartphones. And it is definitely a great app in terms of being lightweight and its usability. However, it still lacks privacy and security features.

Brave Private Browser, on the other hand, is reinforced with the necessary privacy features that all users deserve. It is developed using the same Chromium code, which ultimately makes it look a lot like Google Chrome. And if you want further security during your browsing sessions, you can always turn to services like AT&T Internet. It is one of the leading internet service providers in both urban and rural internet options combined.

Replace ‘Notes’ with ‘Google Keep’

Every smartphone is equipped with a default note-keeping app. And often all of them offer similar functionality. However, Google Keep offers a function that is quite underrated. What it does is that it allows you to add collaborators to the notes that you create. Now when you create a note, a to-do list, or a checklist, it will automatically be updated on all the collaborators’ phones as well. Such a feature can be of great utility for households where spouses need to remind each other of the groceries they want them to bring.

Replace ‘Calendar with ‘TimeBlocks’

TimeBlocks is an efficient mobile planner that can help you achieve all your daily goals on time. It offers an intuitive schedule management environment that you may use just like you would a paper diary. You may easily drag and drop everyday tasks onto the calendar. Moreover, the size of the windows on the calendar changes depending on the tasks you have assigned. You may easily zoom in and out of the screen.

Replace ‘Camera’ with ‘Candy Camera’

Nowadays, the first thing that almost every person looks for in a smartphone is the camera. If it lacks in MPs or does not give out vibrant immersive pictures, people end up choosing other phones. Thus, an alternate for the default camera app is a must. And Candy Camera is that alternate.

Candy Camera enables you to take the richest and most beautiful selfies imaginable. You may also choose from a wide range of exciting filters and special effects to create the perfect picture for every occasion. Moreover, you can add amazing stickers and best of all create collages of the images for everlasting memories.

Replace ‘Google Photos’ with ‘Degoo’

Google Photos may be the most popular photo-storing platform but Degoo comes in at a close second with a 100 GB storage option for all users. And you may sign in with your Google account to synchronize your data as well. And if you further decide to pay a monthly subscription of $2.99, you may enjoy an added 500 GB worth of storage.

On a Final Note

There you have it, folks – these are only a few alternates for your everyday smartphone apps. Now if you find yourself discontent with the default smartphones, you may seek comfort under these options.