7 Essential Toiletries Every Business Traveler Needs

“It’s all about presentation” is a phrase often used in the workplace. However, few realize that the phrase refers to not only the presentation of your projects but your physical presentation as well. Of course, your looks won’t get someone to sign off on a deal, but when you look good, you feel good, resulting in more confidence,

When traveling for business, you can never bring too many toiletries, but which ones should you bring? Keep reading to find out what essentials to pack so you can make a good impression and feel great on your trip.

1) Toiletries bag

First, having a quality bag for your toiletries helps ensure that your well-thought-out planning was not for nothing.

It is unfortunate but true that the second you hand over your suitcase, it’s tossed around like a used battery in a junk drawer. Therefore, it is not uncommon for travelers to pick up their luggage from the conveyer belt and find that shampoo is seeping through the canvas fabric.

Since this story has been heard far too many times, HotelEngine created a list of the best toiletry bags. On the list, you see many durable leather bags that are great for both men and women.

2) Deodorant Towelettes

Business trips are stressful, and if you are one to get anxiety sweats, you want to add some deodorant towelettes to your bag.

You should also bring your typical deodorant, but the towelettes come in handy when you are in a pinch. They are easily portable, can be used more discreetly, don’t leave white streaks on your clothes, and can help you avoid embarrassing sweat stains.

3) Sunscreen

If you are doing a bit of adventuring while on your trip, you will want to remember some sunscreen.

Could you imagine spending the day outside without skin protection and then going into a meeting resembling a tomato? Your Client may start to question whether you are nervous, blushing, or have a rash. However, clarifying that you forgot to wear sunscreen can be just as embarrassing. Regardless, sunburns are uncomfortable, and you may have a hard time getting any work done if you have one.

4) Toothbrush and Toothpaste

You certainly don’t want to forget your dental care products. Nobody wants to go face to face with a prospective client without brushing their teeth.

Besides your standard dental tools, you should consider grabbing a foldable toothbrush and toothpaste tablets. You can throw these in your purse, briefcase, or pocket. Then, if you feel self-conscious about how your last meal affected your mouth, you can quickly head to a bathroom or use a bottle of water to brush without making it obvious.

5) Tide To Go Pen

We all like to think that we are adult enough to not make a mess of ourselves while eating but let’s face it, it happens. Not only does it happen, but it happens just like in the movies. We drip mustard on our ties at the perfectly wrong time and spill our coffee on our white shirts.

Always bring a Tide To Go Pen with you even when you’re not traveling. This little stain remover works incredibly well and can be a lifesaver.

6) Hair Care

Shampoo and conditioner are the obvious options for hair care, but there are some other items you may not realize are essential.

  • Dry shampoo- This May help you if you’re in a rush and need a quick clean-up without showering.
  • Leave in conditioner- New environments or chlorine from a pool can leave your hair feeling dry and looking like hay. Leave in conditioner solves that possible problem.
  • Gel or hairspray-  Even if you don’t use these products, you should consider bringing them just in case a bad hair day or a few stray hairs decide to spring up.
  • Clippers or razor- A fresh shave or clean-up of your neckline may give you the boost of confidence you need before going into a meeting.

7) Facial Cleanser

Many people don’t realize the benefits of using a facial cleaner while on a trip. However, changes in barometric pressure and humidity or exposure to pool chemicals or new food can seriously affect your skin.

Breakouts are common while away, and having blemishes pop up can be painful and cause some insecurities. Bring a good facial cleanser and wash up before or after you get some sleep. Additionally, washing your face with a cleanser can help wake you up and feel fresh for the rest of the day.

If you wear makeup, don’t forget to bring some makeup remover since some products can be near impossible to get off.


When you go on a business trip, you want your face, hair, mouth, and outfit to look and feel fresh. Therefore, it is vital to pack toiletry essentials. Consider adding a toiletry bag, facial cleanser, hair care products, a Tide To Go Pen, dental care items, sunscreen, and deodorant towelettes when making your packing list. With these items, you are sure to look and feel your best while away.