7 Rides You Must Try at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

If you are craving some fun in Abu Dhabi with your friends or family, then you should head straight to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. This is a theme park that you are going to love to the fullest as it offers a lot of excitement for people of all age groups. Ferrari World has many exciting rides that will make you and your kids very happy and will keep you entertained for hours together. Here are 7 rides that you must try out in Ferrari World.

  • Tyre Twist

This is one ride you are going to love along with your kids. You get to sit in a circular area that looks like a big tyre and the ride begins and you start moving in circular movements. This ride is suitable even for young kids, you will also bump into the other riders which adds to the fun. Do not miss out on this ride at all.

  • Flying Aces

This a wonderful rollercoaster made out of steel the entire structure has a height of 63 meters.  This is the most popular ride of Ferrari World tickets, so don’t miss this ride.  This roller coaster is surely going to give you the adrenaline rush you want to experience. The ride is very safe as it has all the safety measures in place. So, gear up for an exciting time.

  • Bell Italia

Have you ever dreamt of driving around Italy in a fancy car? Well, now you can fulfill your dream at Ferrari World. Hop into a vintage Ferrari car and drive around a replica of Italy, driving past some iconic buildings and monuments of this enigmatic city. This is not just enjoyable for adults, but also for kids.

  • Speed Of Magic

Ferrari World has always employed sophisticated technology to give its gueststhe best experience. Once get the Ferrari world Abu Dhabi tickets then you can take  this 4D ride and it is truly exciting and fun. You get to put on special glasses and through the wonders of virtual reality, you can go tearing down a racing track at an astonishing pace. This is so good you also get to feel the bumps along the way.

  1. Turbo Track

Ferrari World has all the excitement in store for you and this ride is an example of that. This is a roller coaster that moves in an inverted position at a very high speed and it is a ride only for brave individuals. You need to secure the safety straps properly before the ride begins and you must not consume a big meal or alcohol before this ride. There is no doubt that a ride on this rollercoaster will be a memorable one for you.

  • Scuderia Challenge

This is a virtual reality ride where you have full control of a high-powered Ferrari car. This ride is ideal for older and younger kids, you can also participate in the fun by cheering for your kids. Do visit this attraction early as it tends to get very crowded as the day progresses.

  • Formula Rossa

Ferrari World has many surprises in store for its visitors and this ride is no exception. Imaginetearing down the track and an astonishing speed of 240 kilometers every hour. If you are looking for an adventure something over the edge then this ride is a must for you. The rollercoaster uses very sophisticated technology and it is completely safe.

So, these are the seven most thrilling rides at Ferrari World that you must try. The theme park also has many restaurants where you can enjoy a hearty meal with your loved ones.  You must buy tickets for this place early as they tend to get sold fast, you must also look for combo tickets that give you access to a couple of rides at discounted prices. Read the cancellation policy well before you book your tickets to this amazing theme park.