7 Tips for Students Who Are Struggling To Improve Their Concentration

Whether you are a freshman noob, a gray-haired graduate student, or even a member of the school alumni, you must sometimes feel overwhelmed or lack focus in your study.  Modern technology is beneficial, but on the other hand, it is also a great source of distractions that can break one’s strongest will.

Whenever you return home from school you probably feel annoyed and tired and become more devastated instead of taking a rest you have to start working on your assignment. Sometimes it becomes hard to focus as there are many temptations around us. As a result, many students end up to dissertation proposal writing like websites. 

Moreover, many children prefer to watch TV shows while others like to listen to music or play video games. And, it becomes difficult to stay focused on the specific task due to the fact that the modern world devices usually distract many of us from work. 

However, many educational platforms, try to help the student in school and college to encourage students to stay focused on their studies by posting articles related to academics. Many students can’t cope with loads of assignments from their teachers and most end up asking for the service like “Help with Dissertation”. For this purpose, I have combined some tips for hardworking students who want to improve their concentration. Hopefully, these tips will help you from getting stressed out and will increase your productivity and get to work. 

Table of content

  • Give some time to yourself to change
  • Create study plan
  • Avoid heavy meals 
  • Don’t try multitasking
  • Make your workplace ready 
  • Tell others to respect your study time
  • Use learning tools and apps

Give some time to yourself to change

Whenever comeback home gets yourself dressed in something comfortable. Being in the same clothes that you wore in school will give a sense of still being in school. Not only this but it will also give you the feeling of being with classmates and teachers and ultimately you will think every time about all the past events that happened in school. Many students don’t take it seriously and ignore this rule. In fact, many of the students think that it is useful to remain in the same clothes while doing homework. However, it is recommended to have some special clothing which you wear the whole day and have other clothes at night. 

  • Create study plan

Without a proper study plan, it is impossible to manage the time successfully. Student life is full of problems and they are always there in students’ academic voyage. Time is the most expensive thing in the world so manage it efficiently. But remember not to use all of your time on learning, or doing homework, make sure to dedicate a sufficient amount of time for fun and rest. Otherwise, it is difficult to focus. 

However, students who fall asleep every time cannot focus on their studies. So try to find the best online timers and planners using mobile phones or computers via the internet. It will take a few minutes from your precious time to install the software, but later on, it will help you to focus on your task on a long run, moreover, it will also make a time map in your mind.

  • Avoid heavy meal

Avoid having a big meal while studying because heavy meals can ruin your focus and make you feel sluggish and lazy. So it is better to have some healthy snacks with you. Replace your heavy meals with healthy snacks. Such as granola bars or energy drinks. 

  • Don’t try to be multitasking

When students have a load of assignments with them and all the assignments have the same deadlines usually they lose their concentration because of the variety of information that their brain needs to process. So it is better to focus on one assignment at a time. After finishing one, have a break for about 20 minutes and then start a new assignment (helpwithdissertation, 2022)

  • Make your workplace ready

Every student has a different way of studying if you are one of the students who like to study in a closed room, then open the window immediately to have some fresh air to breathe. Make sure that your room has a good lighting system because proper lighting can help you in focusing on studying. Before solving your math problems dedicate some time to cleaning the dirty place of work. You only require a computer, study notes, and textbooks for learning so leave out other distractions that are mobile, TV, and video games. You can also take your assignment to your parents or in a living room by doing so you can stay focused on your urgent homework.

  • Tell others to respect your study time

Don’t be afraid to acknowledge others that you are studying and require some space and silence to get your learning done. For this purpose, you can fix your studying time and tell your family members that you will not be available at this time.  

  • Use learning tools and apps

Digital technology serves as a great helping tool for the students if they use it in the correct way. The research says that interactive apps are useful for early academic development (Griffith et al., 2019). You can set up a calendar or a homework planner to meet the railroads of the learning process. These apps will help you to stay focused on your studies as you know the schedule and all the important deadlines on it. 

For this purpose search applications on AppStore and Android stores to find the best trackers and planners. These apps contain tons of other features too, such as setting alarms/notifications, a complete guide for study, tips for effective learning, breaking homework into small chunks, managing time with the help of an academic calendar to solve the problem fast, options for taking in-class notes and more.

Wrapping up

Focus and concentration are important in the academic voyage but it is not easy to achieve for students, especially when it comes to homework. However, with the above tips, you can learn how to become better at concentrating on your academic studies. Once you develop good concentration skills, then it is easy to become a good student.

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