7 Ways to Cut Down on Your Fuel Bill by Boosting Your Vehicle’s Mileage!

With gas prices on the boil, topping up our vehicle’s fuel tank is getting more expensive with each passing day.

Even before the Russia-Ukraine conflict, fuel prices were breaking records. Now, as wildfires spread across several parts of our country, it becomes our duty as responsible Americans to cut down on the use of fuel to help the environment heal.

There are several ways you can boost your vehicle’s mileage. Using high-grade but lightweight aftermarket rims like Fuel Wheels is just one of them. 

If you are someone who loves to traverse some of the most inhospitable areas, your fuel bill will certainly be higher than city dwellers. And you already know that.

Still, you can invest in branded off-road rims to bring down the fuel consumption level.

Bringing down fuel consumption is healthy not only for your wallet. It also does a world of good for our environment as the world grapples with climate change.

Here are 7 more pro tips to do exactly that.

Increase your car’s mileage today!

Before we begin, you can also invest in a set of branded off-road wheels and tires. They serve pretty much the same function when you use high-end rims as they are designed to conserve fuel, even if it is only marginal.

And now for some insights:

  1. Check your tires regularly: More to the point, ensure that the tires have the correct inflation levels and there is no visible or obvious damage to the external surface. Studies have shown several times that under-inflated tires are one of the major reasons why you might suddenly notice a rise in fuel consumption.

While the TPMS does keep an eye, regular manual inspections are also necessary.

  1. Check if you’re using the recommended engine oil: Improper use of engine oil is a problem, but using the wrong type of motor oil for the engine is an even bigger one. It will create problems for the engine, the ‘check engine’ light will blink intermittently, and there will almost certainly be overheating issues.

The next time you visit your favorite retailer to check out the latest models of Fuel Wheels, you can perhaps ask the resident experts about the engine oil you are using and whether it is okay. Most often, they will provide you with excellent advice and point out any shortcomings.

Else, you can always refer to the car owner’s manual for more details.

  1. Schedule regular wheel alignment sessions: Aligning your off-road wheels (or any other type for that matter) is something that should be done twice every year. If you regularly cover long distances for business or pleasure, it would be advisable to book an alignment session 3 times a year.

If you have plans to purchase a set of off-road rims in the next few months, you can always ask the service personnel at the outlet to align the wheels. This service is generally provided free of cost at every major retail outlet like California’s AudioCity USA.

  1. Never leave the engine idling: This is common sense at play. If the stoplight remains red for more than 20 seconds, simply turn off the engine. That way, you can preserve at least 20% more fuel per trip. Do the math and it comes to pretty decent savings!

It is by far one of the best driving habits you should follow at all times.

  1. Try to keep your foot off the brakes: Heavy feet among drivers, especially in densely populated cities, is a pretty common phenomenon. Since you are constantly touching the brakes, you are effectively hampering the normal functioning of the vehicle, which in turn leads to more fuel consumption.

Besides, a heavy foot also damages your precious off-road wheels and tires. Make a conscious effort not to brake too much unless absolutely necessary.

Nowadays, most passenger cars come with ABS. Trust the technology to do its work. As you stop nudging the brake pedal, you will notice a significant improvement in mileage and lower fuel bills!

  1. Try and stick to the speed limit: Yes, we know this sounds boring and you must have heard the same advice many times over the years! But not accelerating and sticking to the recommended speed limit will also save you a lot of fuel besides reducing your chances of getting a parking ticket significantly!

The road is not a racetrack. It does not matter if other cars overtake you! 

This practice also helps a lot in preserving the overall health of your vehicle. A true win-win situation.

  1. Fuel up during the night: Sounds absurd? It has perfectly valid scientific reasons. The volumetric nature of fuel means that it will settle in faster and in a greater amount when it is slightly cooler outside. That’s why if you fill up the tank during the nighttime, the amount of fuel you receive is slightly more!

This is a pretty neat hack that experienced car owners put into use.


Once you have implemented all of these suggestions, try and always use the right size of Fuel Wheels (or any other brand you prefer) and avoid oversizing. Even this small step has some advantages hidden within!