8 Agile certifications to take your career to a new level

The candidates aspiring to make a career in the field of project management can benefit a lot in their career if they follow the concepts of Agile. A lot of organizations these days are adopting the concepts of Agile certifications. This is because Agile has changed the way of project management and software development. Due to the adoption of Agile, the demand for IT professionals has grown in a lot of organizations. There are a lot of certifications of Agile which can take the career of an individual to a new level. The top 8 Agile certifications which can take the career of an individual to a new level are:

  1. PMI-ACP Certification:

The credential of PMI-ACP is for those candidates whose companies are newly adopting the Agile practices. The PMI-ACP Certification ensures that the candidates gain practice experience to deal with problems related to project management. The following credential also makes sure that the candidates get used to the concepts of Agile, which include Scrum, Kanban, Lean, and others. The candidates having the following credential have to earn 30 professional development units to maintain their status.

  1. APMG International Certification:

The APMG International Certification is popular all over the globe for offering numerous Agile project management credentials. The main objective of the following is to check the capability of the candidates in the field of project management. The following is done to test the ability of project managers in companies who need rigor, standards, and visibility around the Agile framework. The following offers certifications, which are delivery frameworks of Agile project management and are vendor-neutral.

  1. Strategy Certificate in Agile:

The following certification is offered by an online training company named Twenty Eighty Strategy Execution. The following training company offers either the Master’s certificate or the Associate certificate with the concepts of Agile. The Master’s level credential takes a time period of 4 years to demonstrate the skills of the candidate in Agile principles. There are seven courses in the following. The Associate level credential takes a time period of 2 years to demonstrate the skills of the candidate in Agile principles. There are 3 courses in the following.

  1. International Consortium for Agile:

The International Consortium for Agile is an independent agency that provides the candidate’s comprehensive Agile credentials, which enhances the skills of the candidates in all Agile systems such as Kanban, Scrum, and Extreme Programming, and a lot more. The candidates get to know a lot of new things in the following credential. The following credential has 3 levels. They are Professional, Expert, and Master. All the 3 levels of the credential examine the knowledge of the candidate along with the competency in Agile.

  1. Agile Certification Institute:

The Agile Certification Institute is a scaled body that lays emphasis on all the aspects of Agile adoption within an enterprise. The following is not only confined to software development. Numerous Agile credentials are offered by the Agile Certification Institute, which enhances the knowledge of the candidates in the field of project management. The credentials of the following institution also lay emphasis on the Agile process development. In the following, credentials are offered for all Agile systems like Kanban, Lean, Scrum (at Associate, Practitioner, and Master’s level).

  1. Scaled Agile Academy:

The Scaled Agile Academy provides five different kinds of credentials to candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and experience. The Scaled Agile Framework is the body of knowledge that provides a foundation for the delivery of development in large enterprises successfully. When the Agile system moves into larger enterprises, the Agile professionals who have demonstrable expertise and understanding become more critical. The following enhances the knowledge of the candidates in the field of product management.

  1. Certified Agile Project Manager

The Certified Agile Project Manager is a professional association that is known all over the world and is meant for project managers. The main objective of the following is to encourage development, research, and practical applications for project management. Their work is also to form better guidelines and standards for advanced and beginner level project management training. There are four levels of certifications within the following. The exam for the following certification covers all aspects of project management.

  1. Scrum Alliance:

As everyone knows, the main framework of the agile principles is Scrum, especially when it comes to software development. The Scrum Alliance is the leading membership company for the professionals of Scrum. The main objective of Scrum is to encourage the adoption of Scrum all over the globe and make the practices of Scrum more effective. The following enhances the skills of the candidates as Product Owner and Scrum Master. The following also offers six certifications for software development and IT professionals.