9 Tips to Turn Rooms Into Multipurpose Spaces

Have you ever wished you had a larger home or at least an extra room where you can stuff everything that clutters your space? Many of the oh-so-large homes also face similar space issues because it’s a human trait to accumulate things with time and resist giving those away on the pretext of emotional connection. 

However, a thoughtful transformation of your home can help to create flexible multipurpose spaces and use every corner of your home for optimum benefits. You may need to visit the nearest furniture store in Melbourne to get all the necessary things for this reform. Before that, let’s learn how to transform your home into a multipurpose space.

Reimagine the Purpose of  Each Room

The different rooms in your house have specific purposes such as the living room for hosting the guest, dining for having meals with the family etc. However, we don’t need to continue in the same conventional way and can rethink our spaces according to our needs and put them to the best use.

Presently, very few people have their meals at the dining table. Most of the eating happens in front of the TV, so why dedicate a space for the dining table? We can shift it to the kitchen, living room or other convenient zones and utilise the dining room as an extra space in your home.

Choose Lightweight Furniture

The majestic sofa or bed can change the character of your room and instantly transform it. However, these large pieces of furniture also consume a lot of space and refuse to budge when you want to shift them. 

It’s always the best decision to invest in lightweight yet sturdy furniture that doesn’t consume a lot of space. Also, you can shift it as per convenience to create flexible living spaces. Your nearest furniture store in Melbourne shall surely have lightweight pieces of furniture that are an excellent mix of elegance and comfort. You must make a quick trip and choose the best styles for your home.

Splurge on Storage

Storage is the most critical and neglected aspect of a household. We think purchasing a few cupboards shall suffice our requirements, but within a few years, our houses face a space crunch. Adequate storage can eliminate a lot of these issues.

Investing in an extra chest of drawers, wall shelving, or bookcases can help you store everything and provide additional space for flexible living; for instance, a large bookshelf in the corner of the living or bedroom can eliminate the need for an extra study area. 

Opt for Partitions

Partitioning your available space is the best way to create a flexible living. You can section your bedroom and make it your workstation or a study area. Similarly, you can have the gym and home office in the same room, partitioned with colourful curtains. This way, you can enjoy multiple benefits from the same room.

You can try similar partitioning in the living and guest room to enhance functionality. You can choose colourful curtains or sturdy room dividers from the best furniture store in Melbourne to create this extra space. 

Say Yes to Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose furniture is a great relief when you face a lack of space at home. Think about adding a sofa bed to your home furniture and eliminating the need for an extra guest room. Similarly, foldable tables that can be slid underneath the bed when not in use or coffee tables that can extend when you have more guests are great investments that can help create a multipurpose household.

You can also invest in stackable furniture that can be put away when not in use. The nearest furniture store in Melbourne can help you with many options in multipurpose furniture to increase the flexibility of your home.

Spice Up the Corners

Most of the corners in our home are vacant because we don’t know the best use of this space. However, furniture stores are coming up with unique designs that best fit your empty corner and can be a space saver for the room.

There are wall shelves that act as a display and store all your essentials. You can also grab a corner table equipped with ample storage and use it as a study space. A trip to the nearest furniture store can give you a glimpse of many interesting designs suitable for the vacant corners of your home. 

Use the Staircase Wisely

The staircase is not just a way to get to the next floor of your home; it’s a space with immense possibilities. A bit of creativity and suitable furnishing can allow you to use the area productively.

Investing in a study table and a few bookshelves can help you utilise the space under the staircase. Alternatively, add a small bed and mattress to this area for extra sleeping space. 

Add Layers of Lighting

Have you ever felt the need to shift to another room due to inadequate lighting? We can all relate to the situation, yet when we choose lighting accessories, we stick to the traditional norms of brightening the study space and keeping it dim in bedrooms etc. 

When you prepare the room for multipurpose living, it’s important to add layers of lighting such as hanging, task and ambient. It shall render the convenience of using the same space for multiple purposes by switching on different lights. You can use overhead lights to study or dim them when exercising at your convenience.

Relax with Shared Beds

Bunk beds are an extraordinary way to accommodate more people yet save space. However, not everybody is comfortable in the claustrophobic atmosphere of a bunk bed. If your family disapproves of the bunk bed, you can opt for sharing spaces that can give similar benefits in a small area. 

You can opt for perpendicularly placed beds and increase the sleeping area of your house without bringing in the bunk beds. 


In this post covid era, when most of us are working and studying from our homes, it becomes essential that we add functional spaces and provide comfort to every member. We hope the above tips will help you increase the flexible space in your home.

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