A Brief Guide to Your Next Long Distance Move

A long distance move is a lot more than a local move but not without its resemblances to it. There will be tears, sweat, and blood but not without smiles, joy, and excitement. A long-distance move is a big job that needs careful planning and hard work.

If you are good at strategic planning, you can make things easier for you. While you are at it, don’t forget about the costs. The best approach is to hire professional long distances moving services who have years of experience in helping people move from one place to another. They understand the challenges of a long distance move than any other homeowner.

Here is a brief guide designed to answer some basic yet critical questions about moving.

How to Prepare For A Long Distance Move?

There are several benefits of early planning but the most important among all of them is that you don’t have to deal with surprises down the lane. Or at least you can hire someone who can deal with difficult things.

Make Arrangements for Changing Your Address

You will be required to update your address changes in a lot of different places. Make sure to check with your local authorities, utility service providers, and educational institutes of your kids.

Insure Your Belongings

If you own a lot of expensive and fragile items, make sure to cover them with insurance. Arrange a meeting with your insurance agent to discuss your moving insurance.

De-Clutter Your House

Virtually divide your home and start de-cluttering. If you are not sure which items to keep and which to abandon, use the one-year rule. That means if you have not used certain items in your house for the whole last year, you will not need them in the new house. Donate, sell, or discard unnecessary items.

Make An Inventory

Creating an inventory list is very helpful. Once you are done with it, make several copies of it. Explore the most useful software specially designed to assist long distance moves.

Think About Your Travel Options

You have to think about your traveling options long before the actual moving day. Not only it minimizes the last-minute stresses but helps you save a lot of money.

When to Start Packing?

It is one of the most commonly asked questions by homeowners. It is best to start packing your home at least four weeks before the moving date. In case you are moving at a short notice, jot down every little detail on a piece of paper before you begin. The earlier you begin, the better it is.

How to Hire A Reliable Moving Services?

  • The first step you should do is to ask for recommendations. Tap in your network to get in touch with people who have recently moved. Ask about their experiences with the moving companies.
  • Word of mouth is a great way to know about local moving contractors but when you are considering a distant company, check online reviews. Check the best reviews sites to read online reviews and ratings of different companies. 
  • Is the company licensed for long distance move? You should never hire a company that is unable to provide proof of license and insurance policies. Request them to connect you with any of the recent customers.
  • Get free estimates from at least three different companies. Learn about the moving estimates and how do they work. The best way is to prefer binding not-to-exceed estimates.

How to Pack Your Belongings for Safe Transit?

  • If you want to save your hard-earned money, get your packing supplies. Some people prefer hiring a packing and unpacking company when they are too occupied to do it on their own.
  • When you are packing the stuff, be considerate of the long haul. Make sure the belongings are well-cushioned.
  • Organize the items properly so that you can find them easily.
  • Label all of the boxes carefully. Be generous with labels and you will be thankful for it later.
  • Keep a pack of essentials separate for the moving day. Take plenty of rest before moving day.