A Complete Guide about Income Tax Returns

when it is tax season, you are worried about filling your return well before time. You might feel that it is frustrating and difficult for you. Here is a complete guide through which the whole process will become easy for you. Manual form filling for anything is always a difficult and old method. With improved technology, electronic methods are introduced to file a tax return with easy and simple steps. Soda PDF 1099 Form allows the filers to file their returns easily and well in time.

What is a 1099 Form?

It is a tax document on your income from any organization or business. It is to report all kinds of income you have earned during the tax year.

Benefits of Filing Tax Forms Electronically

Your government will demand that you should file your returns well in time with correct data in all fields. Filling out tax return forms electronically is easier and more convenient than filling out forms manually. Below are the key benefits you can enjoy while electronically filling out your return forms.

  • You can decrease the chances of errors.
  • You can minimize the chances of skipping any important field.
  • You can lower the chances of putting any illegal information on your forms.
  • You can submit electronic tax returns within seconds compared to the hardcopy or manual forms that take days.
  • Electronic form filling is simple and easy.
  • Electronic form filling minimizes paper usage, which is beneficial for our environment.
  • It provides a permanent record of your returns online for future references.
  • It saves cost as you do not have to pay any professional accountant to fill out your returns on your behalf.

Copies of 1099 Form

Copy A of 1099 Form

Copy A of the 1099 form is for international purposes. It is in red and looks like an official IRS form. You can scan this IRS form if you have a printed form in your hand. If you do not have a printed copy, you cannot scan this form with an online version from the website.

Copy B and Other Copies of 1099 Form

Copy B and other copies are in black. You can download and take print of these copies. These copies are used to satisfy the requirements to give important information to the applicants.

How to Order Official IRS / 1099 Form

If you want to order an official IRS information return, you can visit the official IRS website. They will provide you with scan-able copy A and all other copies of the form to file your returns with the IRS. The concerned department will send you to form on your request through email, so it is highly recommended that you please share a valid and correct email address to avoid delays and inconvenience.

How to Fill out Your Returns Online

Soda PDF 1099 Form is available that you can fill out online. You can save these forms and check instructions anytime you want. If you have a paper copy of your tax return forms, you can scan and convert them to fill electronically.