Furniture is an essential part of any home due to its functionality and aesthetics. On average, the people living in various cities of Australia like Sydney and Melbourne spend around $500 on decor and interiors every year. The cost of good-quality furnishing can lie between $300 to $2000, depending on the brand and material. The popularity of plywood furniture in melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane is rising by the day. The various benefits of this material and its versatility to create different furniture makes it an ideal choice for many.

The most common category of furnishing made from plywood are desks, book and storage shelves, and sturdy lounge chairs. The shelves, in general, must be extremely rigid and resistant to wear and tear to house items/books that are heavy. Plywood acts as the perfect material to create these beautiful masterpieces. Apart from that, there are many more advantages of purchasing furniture made of this material, which will be explained further in the section to come.

Benefits of investing in high-quality plywood furnishing:

Out of the 7.7 billion dollar furniture market in Australia, Melbourne occupies over 20%. The city is closer to beaches; hence, requiring furniture that can survive the impact of damp air and sunlight. As a result, the popularity of plywood furniture in melbourne is rising steeply due to the following benefits:

  • Highly Durable: People prefer to invest in wooden furniture only if it can withstand the harsh sea breeze that carries salt and moisture with it, as is experienced in Melbourne. Solid wood furnishing often fails to remain in good condition for a long time. They crack due to the water droplets penetrating its grooves. On the other hand, plywood can resist this failure due to its evenly distributed mass composition. The furniture can also withstand sudden impacts due to its high stress strain ratio. For example, if a shelf made of plywood is housed with heavy books or large stone sculptures, it can evenly distribute the load impact on its surface without cracking.
  • Look and finish of material: Plywood furniture in Melbourne is popular amongst the younger demographic. They prefer to own furniture that is convenient yet stylish. Plywood is a material that gives shelves and desks a classy finish, adding a chic look to the environment. Most mountain bikers invest in plywood bikes and gear stands in exciting ashy grey colours. It describes their personality perfectly, edgy yet sophisticated. The smooth finish of the material also makes it easy to clean. Owners must use a damp cloth to wipe down any stains or use a dry cloth to get rid of dust. Today, many people are opting for beautiful black universal tables made of plywood due to both functionality and visual appeal.
  • Budget-friendly: The best feature of plywood furniture that adds to the purchasing factor for home spaces is its affordability. They are cheaper and easier to maintain. New homeowners are always on a tight budget to furnish their homes. Most of them require a desk to work at in their new and empty home. They can consider investing in a plywood boomerang desk or adjustable table to work either sitting or standing. Apart from desks, plywood gym equipment racks and multi-storage furniture too are extremely budget-friendly. People looking to renovate their homes with new furniture on a budget can rely on plywood king and queen size beds, minibars and dining tables. Guests are certainly going to pay compliments to the elegant furniture decor.

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