A Guide To Budgeting in Event Companies

While this is effective enough, budgeting is not simply an addition. It is not just a matter of choosing the vendor with the lowest quote. In fact, large events can also be budget-friendly. All one needs to do is manage the entire affair with a goal from that start. The goal to be as sustainable and budget-friendly as possible! Here’s how you can manage large events within the best possible budget.

Decide Your Budget

This is the first step. Of course, it is necessary that you select a budget that goes well with the scale of your event. If this is the first time you are engaging in such an event, it is best to take professional opinions from a company of event management in the UAE.

Most events also have certain stakeholders. They have a certain amount of interest that they wish to earn on it. It can be in the form of donations raised and so on. You might also want to look at previous events hosted in a similar manner. This can give a better idea of what the budget should be.

How To Decide A Proper Budget

Setting a proper budget can prevent unnecessary decisions later on. A too low budget can result in huge increases later on. By adding minor expenditures bit by bit, people often end up exceeding it by a huge margin. Whereas a too high budget usually ends up in high initial expenditure. This may leave too little to deal with contingencies.

You might also want to consider how much your company or client can afford this and the ROI they expect. Break down the budget into some large headers. This can include headers like location, venue, food, furniture, and so on. An approximate cost for each is enough. The detailed breakdown can come later.

How Much Will Event Management Companies In UAE Charge?

Any event management company will have a fixed rate or ask for a percentage of the total cost. This rate will vary depending on their level of service and years of industry experience.

Event planners and management teams are essential for the success of mid to large-size events. In fact, planning an event requires a huge amount of work that is generally not seen on paper. This includes phone calls, meetings, and vendor coordination. Since events may often get delayed, some planners may choose to get paid a fixed amount on the days spent on the event.

Either way, event planners bring a huge amount of value to the planning. They use state-of-the-art technology to coordinate vendors, streamline activities and can get things done on a strict timeline. The more experienced the team is, the better they will be at cost-cutting and achieving a win within the budget.

What To Look For In An Event Management Company

Here are some factors that can make the process of choosing the right company a bit easier. You can look for these items and then compare the various ones you find.

  • Years of Field Experience

Experience matters. The more a firm works on the field, the more contacts they gain. Sometimes even form contracts with specific vendor companies. And contracts like this means you can get your supplies at a discount. Experienced companies can also get you the right budget and dig up various cost-cutting strategies. Their engagement over the years gives them an edge over new companies.

  • Type of Experience

An established company can also assign proper professionals to the work. Again, this means that you will have someone specialised in the type of event you are looking for. Whether you are hosting a donation ball or a corporate get-together, finding someone who understands the vibe is important.

  • Availability

Make sure you get the contact of at least two people from the chosen event management companies in the Middle East. Time is of the essence. Hence, in case of any discrepancy, it is necessary that you should be able to immediately reach out to a member directly involved in the effort.

Costs To Consider While Downsizing The Budget

An event features various costs spread out across different avenues. Here are the broad headers you may consider and how you can cut down on them.

  • Basic Event Cost

This involves the non-negotiable budgets that have to be incurred. This includes the cost of the location, booking the venue, getting food and furniture. As a company already has a certain sight in mind regarding this – it is not advisable to cut costs here.

Choosing cheaper vendors for food or furniture may result in a worse impression. These few basic costs incur a huge amount of the total cost.

Other Costs

The other costs incurred which may or may not be negotiable are:

  • The cost for entertainment – DJs, music bands etc.
    • Labour cost for the site
    • Transportation of the people
    • The overall vibe of the venue
    • Cost of planning
    • Marketing and Promotion
    • Registration of the event

How To Cut Down The Budget

If you have considered the above options, here are a few more tips that can help bring down the overall budget.

  • It is best to host the event in one central location than distribute it across multiple locations.
  • Try to get sponsorships for part of the event.
  • Review the budget at three different stages to ensure you remain within the limit.
  • Spend an optimum amount on marketing to ensure success.

It is best to find Event Management companies in the UAE to deal with such matters. The success of most events depends on the team working behind the scenes. So make sure you get one whose vision aligns with yours.

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