A look at the 2023 Bentley Continental GT S

The 2023 Bentley Continental GT S is a luxury cruiser and convertible. Because this car is relatively heavy (4 pounds), it will only run a 773-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine. As for the car’s exterior, the grille and trim are blacked out, while the Bentley logo and lettering remain chrome. Other tinted parts of the car include taillights, headlights, and four exhaust pipes. Inside, the car uses a two-tone color scheme unique to the S models. Leather is used on the door linings, seat cushions and steering wheel for your comfort. After a brief description of this car, let’s now delve into its specifications.

Transmission of 2023 Bentley Continental GT S

The transmission of this car is all-wheel drive. In this transmission, power is sent to all wheels. Typically, the transmission uses a computerized system to help determine which of the four wheels needs power and traction. Therefore, four-wheel drive is the most suitable transmission for driving on slippery roads due to rain or snow. While the transmission is ideal for slippery roads, it is also the reason why some drivers get into traffic accidents. According to Icy Road Safety, over-reliance on an all-wheel drive system leads to crashes as they will drive at normal or high speeds. To get the most out of this transmission, you need to drive slowly.


Traditionally, the car will have six gears. To reduce fuel consumption in such a car, you will drive with sixth, which is the only one you can use. Now compare such a car with this one, which has eight gears. In an eight-speed transmission, you have three overdrives (sixth, seventh and eighth) that you can use to save fuel. This means that you are unlikely to need to use gears below sixth. With a lot of gears that can be used to save fuel, this is one of the best fuel economy systems out there. According to Expert Trans, the transmission improves fuel economy by 11%. Another advantage of the eight-speed transmission is fast acceleration. With more gears, the car has a smaller gap between gears and a wider overall gear ratio gap. Thanks to the distribution of gears, the engine will work at the most optimal power level. Thus, the engine will allow you to accelerate without much effort.

wheel type

This car rolls on aluminum wheels. Most cars use steel wheels, but automakers quickly recognized the benefits of aluminum, especially due to its lightness. According to Azom, its weight is 2.7 g/cm3, which is a third of the weight of steel. Thus, aluminum wheels improve fuel economy as the driver makes minimal effort to move the vehicle. In addition to saving fuel, you will also be able to accelerate easily because the material of the wheels does not weigh down the car. Believe it or not, aluminum rims are an alloy of aluminum and nickel. Since the wheels are made of alloy, they can withstand some damage. So you don’t have to worry about scuffs or scratches on your wheels. Therefore, these discs will retain a new look for a long time. To even improve their new look, you can color them. Aluminum tends to be shinier than most metals, so it’s the best metal in terms of aesthetic appeal.

engine’s type

We previously mentioned this car’s 8-litre V4.0 twin-turbo engine, so now we can analyze it. The power of the engine is one of the best. According to Car Expert, its engine develops 770 Nm of torque. On average, cars produce up to 400 Nm of torque, which makes the torque of this motor very high. Higher torques are good because they save energy, so the more torque produced, the more efficiently the engine does its job without straining itself, consuming more gasoline. Thanks to the high power generated by this engine, you can use this vehicle to carry heavy loads. For example, you may need to tow an object uphill. Vehicles that do not have enough power, will roll back due to the weight of the load and the steepness of the hill. The V-8 engine provides enough power to take the machine uphill with a load. So you do not have to constantly press the accelerator pedal to overcome a hill with a load.


This car has a wheelbase of 112.2 inches, which is considered short. Any wheelbase over 118 inches is considered long. Both short and long wheelbases are beneficial, depending on what you value most about the car. However, we will focus on the advantages of a short wheelbase. As a rule, when such a machine has a short wheelbase, it means that it is small. Thanks to its small size, you can squeeze this car between small spaces. This way you won’t have to ask people to move their cars so you can park. Plus, its size also means you’ll be able to park without taking up much space. This means you won’t be asked to park elsewhere and won’t be charged for double parking. Another advantage of a short wheelbase is handling. This means you will be able to make tight turns or cross lanes easily when overtaking. To better understand this concept, trucks can be compared as they have a large wheelbase. When a truck enters another lane, the driver has to wait until the entire truck is in the lane, which is not the case with this vehicle.


In addition to aesthetics, drivers consider the power level of the car. If the engine cannot provide enough power, the driver is at risk of an accident. This is the case when the driver has to swerve to avoid hitting an object, but the car does not provide enough power to swerve. Luckily, this car is equipped with a powerful engine that delivers maximum power that can be used for towing, overtaking, etc. As impressive as its power is, remember to drive within the recommended speed, because you might be tempted to overdo it with by this car.