A new phenomenon that started in the last year is the Passport Bros .

The Passport Bros are Western men (usually from the US, Canada and Europe) who are traveling to South East Asia to find women for companionship, girlfriend or for marriage. Their main destinations are The Philippines and Thailand.

But why is this happening? More and more men these days are simply frustrated and tired from the dating scene in their own country. They feel that women these days are simply interested in their wallet and they are judged based on their profession, income and the car they drive.

Women in the Western world are very materialistic and that’s a fact. Normal guys who don’t look like Brad Pitt and that don’t make very high salaries, find themselves completely cut off from the dating scene because they constantly get rejected. This happens not only in person, but also on dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble.

Men are simply annoyed and frustrated by this phenomenon that many of them decided that enough is enough, they want a change. And that’s why the Passport Bros started.

A website that speaks about the Passport Bros in detail and accuracy is passportbrosexperts.com . This page was created by 2 Passport Bros who travelled and visited many countries in South East Asia and decided to create this wonderful guide for men such as themselves who are tired and annoyed by the dating scene.

The information they provide is vital and extremely useful such as which countries to visit based on preference, the cost of the airfare, the lodging, where and how to meet women and also where to take dates once men meet them.

Apparently in these countries, women really don’t care about the car the man drives, his profession, where he lives. They don’t expect to meet a millionaire that can support them financially like it happens in the Western world. Women in Asia are simply normal women, who cherish their men, are loyal, act and behave like housewives and don’t have huge expectations.  They love foreign men and are very curious in dating them, because they also want something different than a local guy.

Taking the trip to these countries is not so expensive overall and passportbrosexperts.comexplains that the cost of living in Asia is very low.

So for men who are interested in doing a change, to find a real companion or wife or simply to explore their option, this is the way to go. This website really opens the eyes of the viewer and it’s also entertaining at the same time. Go on and have a look at this site, you will love what you read.