Accessories for Knitting and Crocheting you cannot do without!

Want to know the secret of smooth crafting? Its not just good yarn, knitting needles or crochet hooks, but accessories. Every knitter and crocheter will agree that the right tools enhance their skills and helps them be more creative, enjoy their craft and have neat projects. No matter whether you are a beginner or want to expand your craft skills by learning new techniques, having good tools and accessories at hand is essential and should be chosen wisely. 

Knitting and crocheting both yarn crafts are different yet have so much in common. Knitting accessories are simply craft essentials that assist with your craft whether you knit or crochet. Imagine you are on a journey (knitting or crochet project), you have a car (knitting needles or crochet hook), and you have a long road (the yarn), and you keep going. Hotels, restaurants, petrol pumps, and shops (they are accessories) make this journey smooth and easy. You can knit with just knitting needles and yarn, but accessories make the process much easier and smoother.

Knitting requires knitting needles and it’s not one pair but different sizes and types depending on the project. You might start with the classic pair of single-pointed needles or circular needles. But, once you develop your skills from completing a basic projects, you will need special tools for knitting in the round. It is either a set of five double-pointed needles or circular needles with fixed or interchangeable cords. A knitting needle set, especially one with popular sizes of interchangeable needles and cords of different lengths is a much more versatile option. Similarly, for crocheting you require crochet hooks in the suitable size matching the yarn weight. You have the choice of classic single-ended crochet hooks or interchangeable Tunisian crochet hooks, or even a crochet hook set.

So, here is our list of essential accessories for every knitter or crocheter:

Stitch markers 

Stitch markers are little helpers when it comes to marking stitches in a row, increases or decreases, as well as the first and last stitch in a given pattern. Stitch markers are available in locking, solid, and split-ring styles. Always have a pack handy, even for the smallest project. Whether you knit or crochet, you will always be needing them for smooth projects. The placement of stitch markers are indicated in a pattern. And, if not mentioned you can place the marker for your stitch marking. Locking stitch markers also help in securing a stitch as it looks and works like a safety pin.

Wool or Darning needles

Wool needles are known by the names of finishing needle, draining needle or tapestry needle. The needle has an eye to thread yarn. It is used for stitching the pieces together and weaving in loose ends of yarn after you complete the project. Like different sizes of knitting needles, darning needles also come in different size measured by the diameter. The most important thing to look out for a wool needle is it should be blunt or rounded to not damage the yarn. And, the eye of the needle should be wide enough to accommodate the yarn. 

A measuring tape

Both yarn crafts, whether it’s knitting or crochet, are to make garments to specification. Even though most patterns usually offer instructions on different sizes it is much more pleasing to actually customize the garment of your choice to fit your body. In fact many times you need to design your own, measuring tapes are what you’ll need. To assist you with measurements, choose retractable measuring tapes that show both inch and metric measurements. While it is functional, whimsical accessories look good and are fun to work with.


A good pair of scissors is a craft essential. While you may have scissors at home but keep one sharp one exclusively for cutting your yarn. A great tool to have at hand, make sure to invest in good quality to last a long time. Folding scissors are easy to handle and have been specifically designed to protect from sharp ends.

Blocking Tools

Yarn after they have been knitted or crocheted look nicer after blocking. Even if you are making a gauge swatch make sure to block the square. Wash, spray or steam the project and then block. Blocking tools come in options of blocking mats, pins, and even a sock blocker. The blocking mats have a padded surface used for pinning your project firmly into place. Knit blockers are precision tips top block the fabric and not damage the yarn.

With these 5 knitting and crocheting accessories in your craft collection, you are all set for a pleasant and rewarding knitting or crocheting experience. As you working with yarn it is rather useful to have winding and dispensing accessories. They will ensure that yarn is ready for the projects. Knitting bags and cases are also quite useful to take your projects on the commute and keep them safe and secure.